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source: Source
outcome: Outcome
transfer: Transfer
context: Context
requested: Requested
abr: Abridger
act: Actor
adi: Art director
adp: Adapter
anl: Analyst
anm: Animator
ann: Annotator
ape: Appellee
apl: Appellant
app: Applicant
arc: Architect
arr: Arranger
acp: Art copyist
art: Artist
ard: Artistic director
asg: Assignee
asn: Associated name
att: Attributed name
auc: Auctioneer
aut: Author
aqt: Author in quotations or text abstracts
aft: Author of afterword, colophon, etc.
aud: Author of dialog
aui: Author of introduction, etc.
aus: Author of screenplay, etc.
ato: Autographer
ant: Bibliographic antecedent
bnd: Binder
bdd: Binding designer
blw: Blurb writer
bkd: Book designer
bkp: Book producer
bjd: Bookjacket designer
bpd: Bookplate designer
bsl: Bookseller
brl: Braille embosser
brd: Broadcaster
cll: Calligrapher
ctg: Cartographer
cas: Caster
cns: Censor
chr: Choreographer
cng: Cinematographer
cli: Client
cor: Collection registrar
clb: Collaborator
col: Collector
clt: Collotyper
clr: Colorist
cmm: Commentator
cwt: Commentator for written text
com: Compiler
cpl: Complainant
cpt: Complainant-appellant
cpe: Complainant-appellee
cmp: Composer
cmt: Compositor
ccp: Conceptor
cnd: Conductor
con: Conservator
csl: Consultant
csp: Consultant to a project
cos: Contestant
cot: Contestant-appellant
coe: Contestant-appellee
cts: Contestee
ctt: Contestee-appellant
cte: Contestee-appellee
ctr: Contractor
ctb: Contributor
cpc: Copyright claimant
cph: Copyright holder
crr: Corrector
crp: Correspondent
cst: Costume designer
cou: Court governed
crt: Court reporter
cov: Cover designer
cre: Creator
cur: Curator of an exhibition
dnc: Dancer
dtc: Data contributor
dtm: Data manager
dte: Dedicatee
dto: Dedicator
dfd: Defendant
dft: Defendant-appellant
dfe: Defendant-appellee
dgg: Degree grantor
dgs: Degree supervisor
dln: Delineator
dpc: Depicted
dpt: Depositor
dsr: Designer
drt: Director
dis: Dissertant
dbp: Distribution place
dst: Distributor
dnr: Donor
drm: Draftsman
dub: Dubious author
edt: Editor
edc: Editor of compilation
edm: Editor of moving image work
elg: Electrician
elt: Electrotyper
enj: Enacting jurisdiction
eng: Engineer
egr: Engraver
etr: Etcher
evp: Event place
exp: Appraiser
fac: Facsimilist
fld: Field director
fmd: Film director
fds: Film distributor
flm: Film editor
fmp: Film producer
fmk: Filmmaker
fpy: First party
frg: Forger
fmo: Former owner
fnd: Funder
gis: Geographic information specialist
grt: Graphic technician
hnr: Honoree
hst: Host
his: Host institution
ilu: Illuminator
ill: Illustrator
ins: Inscriber
itr: Instrumentalist
ive: Interviewee
ivr: Interviewer
inv: Inventor
isb: Issuing body
jud: Judge
jug: Jurisdiction governed
lbr: Laboratory
ldr: Laboratory director
lsa: Landscape architect
led: Lead
len: Lender
lil: Libelant
lit: Libelant-appellant
lie: Libelant-appellee
lel: Libelee
let: Libelee-appellant
lee: Libelee-appellee
lbt: Librettist
lse: Licensee
lso: Licensor
lgd: Lighting designer
ltg: Lithographer
lyr: Lyricist
mfp: Manufacture place
mfr: Manufacturer
mrb: Marbler
mrk: Markup editor
med: Medium
mdc: Metadata contact
mte: Metal-engraver
mtk: Minute taker
mod: Moderator
mon: Monitor
mcp: Music copyist
msd: Musical director
mus: Musician
nrt: Narrator
osp: Onscreen presenter
opn: Opponent
orm: Organizer of meeting
org: Originator
oth: Other
own: Owner
pan: Panelist
ppm: Papermaker
pta: Patent applicant
pth: Patentee
pat: Patron
prf: Performer
pma: Permitting agency
pht: Photographer
ptf: Plaintiff
ptt: Plaintiff-appellant
pte: Plaintiff-appellee
plt: Platemaker
pra: Praeses
pre: Presenter
prt: Printer
pop: Printer of plates
prm: Printmaker
prc: Process contact
pro: Producer
prn: Production company
pmn: Production manager
prs: Production designer
prd: Production personnel
prp: Production place
prg: Programmer
pdr: Project director
pfr: Proofreader
prv: Provider
pup: Publication place
pbl: Publisher
pbd: Publishing director
ppt: Puppeteer
rdd: Radio director
rpc: Radio producer
rcp: Recipient
rce: Recording engineer
rcd: Recordist
red: Redaktor
ren: Renderer
rpt: Reporter
rps: Repository
rth: Research team head
rtm: Research team member
res: Researcher
rsp: Respondent
rst: Respondent-appellant
rse: Respondent-appellee
rpy: Responsible party
rsg: Restager
rsr: Restorationist
rev: Reviewer
rbr: Rubricator
sce: Scenarist
sad: Scientific advisor
scr: Scribe
scl: Sculptor
spy: Second party
sec: Secretary
sll: Seller
std: Set designer
stg: Setting
sgn: Signer
sng: Singer
sds: Sound designer
spk: Speaker
spn: Sponsor
sgd: Stage director
stm: Stage manager
stn: Standards body
str: Stereotyper
stl: Storyteller
sht: Supporting host
srv: Surveyor
tch: Teacher
tcd: Technical director
tld: Television director
tlp: Television producer
ths: Thesis advisor
trc: Transcriber
trl: Translator
tyd: Type designer
tyg: Typographer
uvp: University place
vdg: Videographer
vac: Voice actor
voc: Vocalist
wit: Witness
wde: Wood engraver
wdc: Woodcutter
wam: Writer of accompanying material
wac: Writer of added commentary
wal: Writer of added lyrics
wat: Writer of added text
win: Writer of introduction
wpr: Writer of preface
wst: Writer of supplementary textual content
authorizer: Authorizer
executing_program: Executing Program
implementer: Implementer
recipient: Recipient
requester: Requester
transmitter: Transmitter
validator: Validator
cash: Canadian Subject Headings
ingest: Unspecified ingested source
lcshac: Library of Congress Children's Subject Headings
local: Local sources
lcnaf: Library of Congress Name Authority File
naf: NACO Authority File
nad: NAD / ARK II Name Authority Database
nal: National Agricultural Library subject headings
rvm: Répertoire de vedettes-matière
ram: Répertoire d'autorités RAMEAU
ulan: Union List of Artist Names
local: Local rules
aacr: Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
dacs: "Describing Archives: A Content Standard"
rda: Resource Description and Access
cassettes: Cassettes
cubic_feet: Cubic Feet
files: Files
gigabytes: Gigabytes
leaves: Leaves
linear_feet: Linear Feet
megabytes: Megabytes
photographic_prints: Photographic Prints
photographic_slides: Photographic Slides
reels: Reels
sheets: Sheets
terabytes: Terabytes
volumes: Volumes
none: Not specified
high: High
medium: Medium
low: Low
none: Not specified
new: New
in_progress: In Progress
completed: Completed
ce: ce
gregorian: Gregorian
cartographic: Cartographic
mixed_materials: Mixed Materials
moving_image: Moving Image
notated_music: Notated Music
software_multimedia: Software, Multimedia
sound_recording: Sound Recording
sound_recording_musical: Sound Recording (Musical)
sound_recording_nonmusical: Sound Recording (Non-musical)
still_image: Still Image
text: Text
collection: Collection
work: Work
image: Image
accession: Accession
accumulation: Accumulation
acknowledgement: Acknowledgement
acknowledgement_sent: Acknowledgement Sent
acknowledgement_received: Acknowledgement Received
agreement_received: Agreement Received
agreement_sent: Agreement Sent
agreement_signed: Agreement Signed
appraisal: Appraisal
assessment: Assessment
capture: Capture
cataloged: Cataloged
collection: Collection
compression: Compression
contribution: Contribution
component_transfer: Component Transfer
copyright_transfer: Copyright Transfer
custody_transfer: Custody Transfer
deaccession: Deaccession
decompression: Decompression
decryption: Decryption
deletion: Deletion
digital_signature_validation: Digital Signature Validation
fixity_check: Fixity Check
ingestion: Ingestion
message_digest_calculation: Message Digest Calculation
migration: Migration
normalization: Normalization
processed: Processed
processing_new: Processing New
processing_started: Processing Started
processing_in_progress: Processing in Progress
processing_completed: Processing Completed
publication: Publication
replication: Replication
request: Request
rights_transferred: Rights Transferred
validation: Validation
virus_check: Virus Check
collection: Collection
publications: Publications
papers: Papers
records: Records
aacr: Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules
cco: Cataloging Cultural Objects
dacs: "Describing Archives: A Content Standard"
rad: Rules for Archival Description
isadg: International Standard for Archival Description - General
completed: Completed
in_progress: In Progress
under_revision: Under Revision
unprocessed: Unprocessed
accession: Accession
audio: Audio
books: Books
computer_disks: Computer Disks
digital_object: Digital Object
digital_object_link: Digital Object Link
graphic_materials: Graphic Materials
maps: Maps
microform: Microform
mixed_materials: Mixed Materials
moving_images: Moving Images
realia: Realia
text: Text
deposit: Deposit
gift: Gift
purchase: Purchase
transfer: Transfer
collection: Collection
publications: Publications
papers: Papers
records: Records
aat: "Art & Architecture Thesaurus"
cash: Canadian Subject Headings
gmgpc: "TGM II, Genre and physical characteristic terms"
ingest: Unspecified ingested source
lcsh: Library of Congress Subject Headings
lcshac: Library of Congress Children's Subject Headings
local: Local sources
mesh: Medical Subject Headings
nal: National Agricultural Library subject headings
rbgenr: "Genre Terms: A Thesaurus for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloguing"
rvm: Répertoire de vedettes-matière
ram: Répertoire d'autorités RAMEAU
tgn: Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
lcgft: Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
pass: Pass
partial pass: Partial Pass
fail: Fail
cancelled: Cancelled
fulfilled: Fulfilled
pending: Pending
mr: Mr.
mrs: Mrs.
ms: Ms.
madame: Madame
sir: Sir
box: Box
carton: Carton
case: Case
folder: Folder
frame: Frame
object: Object
page: Page
reel: Reel
volume: Volume
audio-clip: Audio-Clip
audio-master: Audio-Master
audio-master-edited: Audio-Master-Edited
audio-service: Audio-Service
audio-streaming: Audio-Streaming
image-master: Image-Master
image-master-edited: Image-Master-Edited
image-service: Image-Service
image-service-edited: Image-Service-Edited
image-thumbnail: Image-Thumbnail
text-codebook: Text-Codebook
text-data: Text-Data
text-data_definition: Text-Data Definition
text-georeference: Text-Georeference
text-ocr-edited: Text-Ocr-Edited
text-ocr-unedited: Text-Ocr-Unedited
text-tei-transcripted: Text-Tei-Transcripted
text-tei-translated: Text-Tei-Translated
video-clip: Video-Clip
video-master: Video-Master
video-master-edited: Video-Master-Edited
video-service: Video-Service
video-streaming: Video-Streaming
md5: MD5
sha-1: SHA-1
sha-256: SHA-256
sha-384: SHA-384
sha-512: SHA-512
aar: Afar
abk: Abkhazian
ace: Achinese
ach: Acoli
ada: Adangme
ady: Adyghe; Adygei
afa: Afro-Asiatic languages
afh: Afrihili
afr: Afrikaans
ain: Ainu
aka: Akan
akk: Akkadian
alb: Albanian
ale: Aleut
alg: Algonquian languages
alt: Southern Altai
amh: Amharic
ang: "English, Old (ca.450-1100)"
anp: Angika
apa: Apache languages
ara: Arabic
arc: Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE); Imperial Aramaic (700-300 BCE)
arg: Aragonese
arm: Armenian
arn: Mapudungun; Mapuche
arp: Arapaho
art: Artificial languages
arw: Arawak
asm: Assamese
ast: Asturian; Bable; Leonese; Asturleonese
ath: Athapascan languages
aus: Australian languages
ava: Avaric
ave: Avestan
awa: Awadhi
aym: Aymara
aze: Azerbaijani
bad: Banda languages
bai: Bamileke languages
bak: Bashkir
bal: Baluchi
bam: Bambara
ban: Balinese
baq: Basque
bas: Basa
bat: Baltic languages
bej: Beja; Bedawiyet
bel: Belarusian
bem: Bemba
ben: Bengali
ber: Berber languages
bho: Bhojpuri
bih: Bihari languages
bik: Bikol
bin: Bini; Edo
bis: Bislama
bla: Siksika
bnt: Bantu (Other)
bos: Bosnian
bra: Braj
bre: Breton
btk: Batak languages
bua: Buriat
bug: Buginese
bul: Bulgarian
bur: Burmese
byn: Blin; Bilin
cad: Caddo
cai: Central American Indian languages
car: Galibi Carib
cat: Catalan; Valencian
cau: Caucasian languages
ceb: Cebuano
cel: Celtic languages
cha: Chamorro
chb: Chibcha
che: Chechen
chg: Chagatai
chi: Chinese
chk: Chuukese
chm: Mari
chn: Chinook jargon
cho: Choctaw
chp: Chipewyan; Dene Suline
chr: Cherokee
chu: Church Slavic; Old Slavonic; Church Slavonic; Old Bulgarian; Old Church Slavonic
chv: Chuvash
chy: Cheyenne
cmc: Chamic languages
cnr: Montenegrin
cop: Coptic
cor: Cornish
cos: Corsican
cpe: "Creoles and pidgins, English-based"
cpf: "Creoles and pidgins, French-based"
cpp: "Creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based"
cre: Cree
crh: Crimean Tatar; Crimean Turkish
crp: Creoles and pidgins
csb: Kashubian
cus: Cushitic languages
cze: Czech
dak: Dakota
dan: Danish
dar: Dargwa
day: Land Dayak languages
del: Delaware
den: Slave (Athapascan)
dgr: Dogrib
din: Dinka
div: Divehi; Dhivehi; Maldivian
doi: Dogri
dra: Dravidian languages
dsb: Lower Sorbian
dua: Duala
dum: "Dutch, Middle (ca.1050-1350)"
dut: Dutch; Flemish
dyu: Dyula
dzo: Dzongkha
efi: Efik
egy: Egyptian (Ancient)
eka: Ekajuk
elx: Elamite
eng: English
enm: "English, Middle (1100-1500)"
epo: Esperanto
est: Estonian
ewe: Ewe
ewo: Ewondo
fan: Fang
fao: Faroese
fat: Fanti
fij: Fijian
fil: Filipino; Pilipino
fin: Finnish
fiu: Finno-Ugrian languages
fon: Fon
fre: French
frm: "French, Middle (ca.1400-1600)"
fro: "French, Old (842-ca.1400)"
frr: Northern Frisian
frs: Eastern Frisian
fry: Western Frisian
ful: Fulah
fur: Friulian
gaa: Ga
gay: Gayo
gba: Gbaya
gem: Germanic languages
geo: Georgian
ger: German
gez: Geez
gil: Gilbertese
gla: Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic
gle: Irish
glg: Galician
glv: Manx
gmh: "German, Middle High (ca.1050-1500)"
goh: "German, Old High (ca.750-1050)"
gon: Gondi
gor: Gorontalo
got: Gothic
grb: Grebo
grc: "Greek, Ancient (to 1453)"
gre: "Greek, Modern (1453-)"
grn: Guarani
gsw: Swiss German; Alemannic; Alsatian
guj: Gujarati
gwi: Gwich'in
hai: Haida
hat: Haitian; Haitian Creole
hau: Hausa
haw: Hawaiian
heb: Hebrew
her: Herero
hil: Hiligaynon
him: Himachali languages; Western Pahari languages
hin: Hindi
hit: Hittite
hmn: Hmong; Mong
hmo: Hiri Motu
hrv: Croatian
hsb: Upper Sorbian
hun: Hungarian
hup: Hupa
iba: Iban
ibo: Igbo
ice: Icelandic
ido: Ido
iii: Sichuan Yi; Nuosu
ijo: Ijo languages
iku: Inuktitut
ile: Interlingue; Occidental
ilo: Iloko
ina: Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association)
inc: Indic languages
ind: Indonesian
ine: Indo-European languages
inh: Ingush
ipk: Inupiaq
ira: Iranian languages
iro: Iroquoian languages
ita: Italian
jav: Javanese
jbo: Lojban
jpn: Japanese
jpr: Judeo-Persian
jrb: Judeo-Arabic
kaa: Kara-Kalpak
kab: Kabyle
kac: Kachin; Jingpho
kal: Kalaallisut; Greenlandic
kam: Kamba
kan: Kannada
kar: Karen languages
kas: Kashmiri
kau: Kanuri
kaw: Kawi
kaz: Kazakh
kbd: Kabardian
kha: Khasi
khi: Khoisan languages
khm: Central Khmer
kho: Khotanese; Sakan
kik: Kikuyu; Gikuyu
kin: Kinyarwanda
kir: Kirghiz; Kyrgyz
kmb: Kimbundu
kok: Konkani
kom: Komi
kon: Kongo
kor: Korean
kos: Kosraean
kpe: Kpelle
krc: Karachay-Balkar
krl: Karelian
kro: Kru languages
kru: Kurukh
kua: Kuanyama; Kwanyama
kum: Kumyk
kur: Kurdish
kut: Kutenai
lad: Ladino
lah: Lahnda
lam: Lamba
lao: Lao
lat: Latin
lav: Latvian
lez: Lezghian
lim: Limburgan; Limburger; Limburgish
lin: Lingala
lit: Lithuanian
lol: Mongo
loz: Lozi
ltz: Luxembourgish; Letzeburgesch
lua: Luba-Lulua
lub: Luba-Katanga
lug: Ganda
lui: Luiseno
lun: Lunda
luo: Luo (Kenya and Tanzania)
lus: Lushai
mac: Macedonian
mad: Madurese
mag: Magahi
mah: Marshallese
mai: Maithili
mak: Makasar
mal: Malayalam
man: Mandingo
mao: Maori
map: Austronesian languages
mar: Marathi
mas: Masai
may: Malay
mdf: Moksha
mdr: Mandar
men: Mende
mga: "Irish, Middle (900-1200)"
mic: Mi'kmaq; Micmac
min: Minangkabau
mis: Uncoded languages
mkh: Mon-Khmer languages
mlg: Malagasy
mlt: Maltese
mnc: Manchu
mni: Manipuri
mno: Manobo languages
moh: Mohawk
mon: Mongolian
mos: Mossi
mul: Multiple languages
mun: Munda languages
mus: Creek
mwl: Mirandese
mwr: Marwari
myn: Mayan languages
myv: Erzya
nah: Nahuatl languages
nai: North American Indian languages
nap: Neapolitan
nau: Nauru
nav: Navajo; Navaho
nbl: "Ndebele, South; South Ndebele"
nde: "Ndebele, North; North Ndebele"
ndo: Ndonga
nds: "Low German; Low Saxon; German, Low; Saxon, Low"
nep: Nepali
new: Nepal Bhasa; Newari
nia: Nias
nic: Niger-Kordofanian languages
niu: Niuean
nno: "Norwegian Nynorsk; Nynorsk, Norwegian"
nob: "Norwegian Bokmål; Bokmål, Norwegian"
nog: Nogai
non: "Norse, Old"
nor: Norwegian
nqo: N'Ko
nso: Pedi; Sepedi; Northern Sotho
nub: Nubian languages
nwc: Classical Newari; Old Newari; Classical Nepal Bhasa
nya: Chichewa; Chewa; Nyanja
nym: Nyamwezi
nyn: Nyankole
nyo: Nyoro
nzi: Nzima
oci: Occitan (post 1500); Provençal
oji: Ojibwa
ori: Oriya
orm: Oromo
osa: Osage
oss: Ossetian; Ossetic
ota: "Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928)"
oto: Otomian languages
paa: Papuan languages
pag: Pangasinan
pal: Pahlavi
pam: Pampanga; Kapampangan
pan: Panjabi; Punjabi
pap: Papiamento
pau: Palauan
peo: "Persian, Old (ca.600-400 B.C.)"
per: Persian
phi: Philippine languages
phn: Phoenician
pli: Pali
pol: Polish
pon: Pohnpeian
por: Portuguese
pra: Prakrit languages
pro: "Provençal, Old (to 1500)"
pus: Pushto; Pashto
que: Quechua
raj: Rajasthani
rap: Rapanui
rar: Rarotongan; Cook Islands Maori
roa: Romance languages
roh: Romansh
rom: Romany
rum: Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
run: Rundi
rup: Aromanian; Arumanian; Macedo-Romanian
rus: Russian
sad: Sandawe
sag: Sango
sah: Yakut
sai: South American Indian (Other)
sal: Salishan languages
sam: Samaritan Aramaic
san: Sanskrit
sas: Sasak
sat: Santali
scn: Sicilian
sco: Scots
sel: Selkup
sem: Semitic languages
sga: "Irish, Old (to 900)"
sgn: Sign Languages
shn: Shan
sid: Sidamo
sin: Sinhala; Sinhalese
sio: Siouan languages
sit: Sino-Tibetan languages
sla: Slavic languages
slo: Slovak
slv: Slovenian
sma: Southern Sami
sme: Northern Sami
smi: Sami languages
smj: Lule Sami
smn: Inari Sami
smo: Samoan
sms: Skolt Sami
sna: Shona
snd: Sindhi
snk: Soninke
sog: Sogdian
som: Somali
son: Songhai languages
sot: "Sotho, Southern"
spa: Spanish; Castilian
srd: Sardinian
srn: Sranan Tongo
srp: Serbian
srr: Serer
ssa: Nilo-Saharan languages
ssw: Swati
suk: Sukuma
sun: Sundanese
sus: Susu
sux: Sumerian
swa: Swahili
swe: Swedish
syc: Classical Syriac
syr: Syriac
tah: Tahitian
tai: Tai languages
tam: Tamil
tat: Tatar
tel: Telugu
tem: Timne
ter: Tereno
tet: Tetum
tgk: Tajik
tgl: Tagalog
tha: Thai
tib: Tibetan
tig: Tigre
tir: Tigrinya
tiv: Tiv
tkl: Tokelau
tlh: Klingon; tlhIngan-Hol
tli: Tlingit
tmh: Tamashek
tog: Tonga (Nyasa)
ton: Tonga (Tonga Islands)
tpi: Tok Pisin
tsi: Tsimshian
tsn: Tswana
tso: Tsonga
tuk: Turkmen
tum: Tumbuka
tup: Tupi languages
tur: Turkish
tut: Altaic languages
tvl: Tuvalu
twi: Twi
tyv: Tuvinian
udm: Udmurt
uga: Ugaritic
uig: Uighur; Uyghur
ukr: Ukrainian
umb: Umbundu
und: Undetermined
urd: Urdu
uzb: Uzbek
vai: Vai
ven: Venda
vie: Vietnamese
vol: Volapük
vot: Votic
wak: Wakashan languages
wal: Walamo
war: Waray
was: Washo
wel: Welsh
wen: Sorbian languages
wln: Walloon
wol: Wolof
xal: Kalmyk; Oirat
xho: Xhosa
yao: Yao
yap: Yapese
yid: Yiddish
yor: Yoruba
ypk: Yupik languages
zap: Zapotec
zbl: Blissymbols; Blissymbolics; Bliss
zen: Zenaga
zgh: Standard Moroccan Tamazight
zha: Zhuang; Chuang
znd: Zande languages
zul: Zulu
zun: Zuni
zxx: No linguistic content; Not applicable
zza: Zaza; Dimili; Dimli; Kirdki; Kirmanjki; Zazaki
Adlm: Adlam
Afak: Afaka
Aghb: Caucasian Albanian
Ahom: Ahom, Tai Ahom
Arab: Arabic
Aran: Arabic (Nastaliq variant)
Armi: Imperial Aramaic
Armn: Armenian
Avst: Avestan
Bali: Balinese
Bamu: Bamum
Bass: Bassa Vah
Batk: Batak
Beng: Bengali (Bangla)
Bhks: Bhaiksuki
Blis: Blissymbols
Bopo: Bopomofo
Brah: Brahmi
Brai: Braille
Bugi: Buginese
Buhd: Buhid
Cakm: Chakma
Cans: Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
Cari: Carian
Cham: Cham
Cher: Cherokee
Cirt: Cirth
Copt: Coptic
Cpmn: Cypro-Minoan
Cprt: Cypriot syllabary
Cyrl: Cyrillic
Cyrs: Cyrillic (Old Church Slavonic variant)
Deva: Devanagari (Nagari)
Dogr: Dogra
Dsrt: Deseret (Mormon)
Dupl: Duployan shorthand, Duployan stenography
Egyd: Egyptian demotic
Egyh: Egyptian hieratic
Egyp: Egyptian hieroglyphs
Elba: Elbasan
Elym: Elymaic
Ethi: Ethiopic (Geʻez)
Geok: Khutsuri (Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri)
Geor: Georgian (Mkhedruli and Mtavruli)
Glag: Glagolitic
Gong: Gunjala Gondi
Gonm: Masaram Gondi
Goth: Gothic
Gran: Grantha
Grek: Greek
Gujr: Gujarati
Guru: Gurmukhi
Hanb: Han with Bopomofo (alias for Han + Bopomofo)
Hang: Hangul (Hangŭl, Hangeul)
Hani: Han (Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja)
Hano: Hanunoo (Hanunóo)
Hans: Han (Simplified variant)
Hant: Han (Traditional variant)
Hatr: Hatran
Hebr: Hebrew
Hira: Hiragana
Hluw: Anatolian Hieroglyphs (Luwian Hieroglyphs, Hittite Hieroglyphs)
Hmng: Pahawh Hmong
Hmnp: Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong
Hrkt: Japanese syllabaries (alias for Hiragana + Katakana)
Hung: Old Hungarian (Hungarian Runic)
Inds: Indus (Harappan)
Ital: Old Italic (Etruscan, Oscan, etc.)
Jamo: Jamo (alias for Jamo subset of Hangul)
Java: Javanese
Jpan: Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana)
Jurc: Jurchen
Kali: Kayah Li
Kana: Katakana
Khar: Kharoshthi
Khmr: Khmer
Khoj: Khojki
Kitl: Khitan large script
Kits: Khitan small script
Knda: Kannada
Kore: Korean (alias for Hangul + Han)
Kpel: Kpelle
Kthi: Kaithi
Lana: Tai Tham (Lanna)
Laoo: Lao
Latf: Latin (Fraktur variant)
Latg: Latin (Gaelic variant)
Latn: Latin
Leke: Leke
Lepc: Lepcha (Róng)
Limb: Limbu
Lina: Linear A
Linb: Linear B
Lisu: Lisu (Fraser)
Loma: Loma
Lyci: Lycian
Lydi: Lydian
Mahj: Mahajani
Maka: Makasar
Mand: Mandaic, Mandaean
Mani: Manichaean
Marc: Marchen
Maya: Mayan hieroglyphs
Medf: Medefaidrin (Oberi Okaime, Oberi Ɔkaimɛ)
Mend: Mende Kikakui
Merc: Meroitic Cursive
Mero: Meroitic Hieroglyphs
Mlym: Malayalam
Modi: Modi, Moḍī
Mong: Mongolian
Moon: Moon (Moon code, Moon script, Moon type)
Mroo: Mro, Mru
Mtei: Meitei Mayek (Meithei, Meetei)
Mult: Multani
Mymr: Myanmar (Burmese)
Nand: Nandinagari
Narb: Old North Arabian (Ancient North Arabian)
Nbat: Nabataean
Newa: Newa, Newar, Newari, Nepāla lipi
Nkdb: Naxi Dongba (na²¹ɕi³³ to³³ba²¹, Nakhi Tomba)
Nkgb: Naxi Geba (na²¹ɕi³³ gʌ²¹ba²¹, 'Na-'Khi ²Ggŏ-¹baw, Nakhi Geba)
Nkoo: N’Ko
Nshu: Nüshu
Ogam: Ogham
Olck: Ol Chiki (Ol Cemet’, Ol, Santali)
Orkh: Old Turkic, Orkhon Runic
Orya: Oriya (Odia)
Osge: Osage
Osma: Osmanya
Palm: Palmyrene
Pauc: Pau Cin Hau
Perm: Old Permic
Phag: Phags-pa
Phli: Inscriptional Pahlavi
Phlp: Psalter Pahlavi
Phlv: Book Pahlavi
Phnx: Phoenician
Plrd: Miao (Pollard)
Piqd: Klingon (KLI pIqaD)
Prti: Inscriptional Parthian
Qaaa: Reserved for private use (start)
Qabx: Reserved for private use (end)
Rjng: Rejang (Redjang, Kaganga)
Rohg: Hanifi Rohingya
Roro: Rongorongo
Runr: Runic
Samr: Samaritan
Sara: Sarati
Sarb: Old South Arabian
Saur: Saurashtra
Sgnw: SignWriting
Shaw: Shavian (Shaw)
Shrd: Sharada, Śāradā
Shui: Shuishu
Sidd: Siddham, Siddhaṃ, Siddhamātṛkā
Sind: Khudawadi, Sindhi
Sinh: Sinhala
Sogd: Sogdian
Sogo: Old Sogdian
Sora: Sora Sompeng
Soyo: Soyombo
Sund: Sundanese
Sylo: Syloti Nagri
Syrc: Syriac
Syre: Syriac (Estrangelo variant)
Syrj: Syriac (Western variant)
Syrn: Syriac (Eastern variant)
Tagb: Tagbanwa
Takr: Takri, Ṭākrī, Ṭāṅkrī
Tale: Tai Le
Talu: New Tai Lue
Taml: Tamil
Tang: Tangut
Tavt: Tai Viet
Telu: Telugu
Teng: Tengwar
Tfng: Tifinagh (Berber)
Tglg: Tagalog (Baybayin, Alibata)
Thaa: Thaana
Thai: Thai
Tibt: Tibetan
Tirh: Tirhuta
Ugar: Ugaritic
Vaii: Vai
Visp: Visible Speech
Wara: Warang Citi (Varang Kshiti)
Wcho: Wancho
Wole: Woleai
Xpeo: Old Persian
Xsux: Cuneiform, Sumero-Akkadian
Yiii: Yi
Zanb: Zanabazar Square (Zanabazarin Dörböljin Useg, Xewtee Dörböljin Bicig, Horizontal Square Script)
Zinh: Code for inherited script
Zmth: Mathematical notation
Zsye: Symbols (Emoji variant)
Zsym: Symbols
Zxxx: Code for unwritten documents
Zyyy: Code for undetermined script
Zzzz: Code for uncoded script
class: Class
collection: Collection
file: File
fonds: Fonds
item: Item
otherlevel: Other Level
recordgrp: Record Group
series: Series
subfonds: Sub-Fonds
subgrp: Sub-Group
subseries: Sub-Series
current: Current
previous: Previous
expression: Expression
single: Single
bulk: Bulk Dates
inclusive: Inclusive Dates
range: Range
record_keeping: Record Keeping
broadcast: Broadcast
copyright: Copyright
creation: Creation
deaccession: Deaccession
agent_relation: Agent Relation
digitized: Digitized
existence: Existence
event: Event
issued: Issued
modified: Modified
publication: Publication
usage: Usage
other: Other
approximate: Approximate
inferred: Inferred
questionable: Questionable
whole: Whole
part: Part
whole: Whole
part: Part
none: none
other: other
onLoad: onLoad
onRequest: onRequest
new: new
replace: replace
embed: embed
other: other
none: none
aiff: Audio Interchange File Format
avi: Audio/Video Interleaved Format
gif: Graphics Interchange Format
jpeg: JPEG File Interchange Format
mp3: MPEG Audio Layer 3
pdf: Portable Document Format
tiff: Tagged Image File Format
txt: Plain Text File
conservation: Conservation
exhibit: Exhibit
loan: Loan
reading_room: Reading Room
direct: Direct
inverted: Indirect
AF: Afghanistan
AX: Åland Islands
AL: Albania
DZ: Algeria
AS: American Samoa
AD: Andorra
AO: Angola
AI: Anguilla
AQ: Antarctica
AG: Antigua and Barbuda
AR: Argentina
AM: Armenia
AW: Aruba
AU: Australia
AT: Austria
AZ: Azerbaijan
BS: Bahamas
BH: Bahrain
BD: Bangladesh
BB: Barbados
BY: Belarus
BE: Belgium
BZ: Belize
BJ: Benin
BM: Bermuda
BT: Bhutan
BO: Bolivia
BQ: "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba"
BA: Bosnia and Herzegovina
BW: Botswana
BV: Bouvet Island
BR: Brazil
IO: British Indian Ocean Territory
BN: Brunei Darussalam
BG: Bulgaria
BF: Burkina Faso
BI: Burundi
KH: Cambodia
CM: Cameroon
CA: Canada
CV: Cape Verde
KY: Cayman Islands
CF: Central African Republic
TD: Chad
CL: Chile
CN: China
CX: Christmas island
CC: Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CO: Colombia
KM: Comoros
CG: Congo
CD: Democratic Republic of the Congo
CK: Cook Islands
CR: Costa Rica
CI: Côte d'Ivoire
HR: Croatia
CU: Cuba
CW: Curaçao
CY: Cyprus
CZ: Czech Republic
DK: Denmark
DJ: Djibouti
DM: Dominica
DO: Dominican Republic
EC: Ecuador
EG: Egypt
SV: El Salvador
GQ: Equatorial Guinea
ER: Eritrea
EE: Estonia
ET: Ethiopia
FK: Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FO: Faroe Islands
FJ: Fiji
FI: Finland
FR: France
GF: French Guiana
PF: French Polynesia
TF: French Southern Territories
GA: Gabon
GM: Gambia
GE: Georgia
DE: Germany
GH: Ghana
GI: Gibraltar
GR: Greece
GL: Greenland
GD: Grenada
GP: Guadeloupe
GU: Guam
GT: Guatemala
GG: Guernsey
GN: Guinea
GW: Guinea-Bissau
GY: Guyana
HT: Haiti
HM: Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands
VA: Holy See (Vatican City State)
HN: Honduras
HK: Hong Kong
HU: Hungary
IS: Iceland
IN: India
ID: Indonesia
IR: "Iran, Islamic Republic of"
IQ: Iraq
IE: Ireland
IM: Isle of Man
IL: Israel
IT: Italy
JM: Jamaica
JP: Japan
JE: Jersey
JO: Jordan
KZ: Kazakhstan
KE: Kenya
KI: Kiribati
KP: "Korea, Democratic People's Republic of"
KR: "Korea, Republic of"
KW: Kuwait
KG: Kyrgyzstan
LA: "Lao People's Democratic Republic"
LV: Latvia
LB: Lebanon
LS: Lesotho
LR: Liberia
LY: Libya
LI: Liechtenstein
LT: Lithuania
LU: Luxembourg
MO: Macao
MK: "Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of"
MG: Madagascar
MW: Malawi
MY: Malaysia
MV: Maldives
ML: Mali
MT: Malta
MH: Marshall Islands
MQ: Martinique
MR: Mauritania
MU: Mauritius
YT: Mayotte
MX: Mexico
FM: "Micronesia, Federated States of"
MD: "Moldova, Republic of"
MC: Monaco
MN: Mongolia
ME: Montenegro
MS: Montserrat
MA: Morocco
MZ: Mozambique
MM: Myanmar
NA: Namibia
NR: Nauru
NP: Nepal
NL: Netherlands
NC: New Caledonia
NZ: New Zealand
NI: Nicaragua
NE: Niger
NG: Nigeria
NU: Niue
NF: Norfolk Island
MP: Northern Mariana Islands
"NO": Norway
OM: Oman
PK: Pakistan
PW: Palau
PS: "Palestinian Territory, Occupied"
PA: Panama
PG: Papua New Guinea
PY: Paraguay
PE: Peru
PH: Philippines
PN: Pitcairn
PL: Poland
PT: Portugal
PR: Puerto rico
QA: Qatar
RE: Réunion
RO: Romania
RU: Russian Federation
RW: Rwanda
BL: Saint Barthélemy
SH: "Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha"
KN: Saint Kitts and Nevis
LC: Saint Lucia
MF: Saint Martin (French Part)
PM: Saint Pierre and Miquelon
VC: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
WS: Samoa
SM: San Marino
ST: Sao Tome and Principe
SA: Saudi Arabia
SN: Senegal
RS: Serbia
SC: Seychelles
SL: Sierra Leone
SG: Singapore
SX: Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)
SK: Slovakia
SI: Slovenia
SB: Solomon Islands
SO: Somalia
ZA: South Africa
GS: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
SS: South Sudan
ES: Spain
LK: Sri Lanka
SD: Sudan
SR: Suriname
SJ: Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SZ: Swaziland
SE: Sweden
CH: Switzerland
SY: Syrian Arab Republic
TW: "Taiwan, Province of China"
TJ: Tajikistan
TZ: "Tanzania, United Republic of"
TH: Thailand
TL: Timor-Leste
TG: Togo
TK: Tokelau
TO: Tonga
TT: Trinidad and Tobago
TN: Tunisia
TR: Turkey
TM: Turkmenistan
TC: Turks and Caicos Islands
TV: Tuvalu
UG: Uganda
UA: Ukraine
AE: United Arab Emirates
GB: United Kingdom
US: United States
UM: United States Minor Outlying Islands
UY: Uruguay
UZ: Uzbekistan
VU: Vanuatu
VE: Venezuela
VN: Viet Nam
VG: "Virgin Islands, British"
VI: "Virgin Islands, U.S."
WF: Wallis and Futuna
EH: Western Sahara
YE: Yemen
ZM: Zambia
ZW: Zimbabwe
delete: Delete
disseminate: Disseminate
migrate: Migrate
modify: Modify
replicate: Replicate
use: Use
allow: Allow
disallow: Disallow
conditional: Conditional
copyright: Copyright
license: License
statute: Statute
other: Other
copyrighted: Copyrighted
public_domain: Public Domain
unknown: Unknown
donor: Donor
policy: Policy
cultural_context: Cultural context
function: Function
geographic: Geographic
genre_form: "Genre / Form"
occupation: Occupation
style_period: "Style / Period"
technique: Technique
temporal: Temporal
topical: Topical
uniform_title: Uniform Title
_note_types: &note_type_definitions
accessrestrict: Conditions Governing Access
accruals: Accruals
acqinfo: Immediate Source of Acquisition
altformavail: Existence and Location of Copies
appraisal: Appraisal
arrangement: Arrangement
bibliography: Bibliography
note_bibliography: Bibliography
bioghist: Biographical / Historical
custodhist: Custodial History
fileplan: File Plan
index: Index
odd: General
otherfindaid: Other Finding Aids
originalsloc: Existence and Location of Originals
phystech: Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements
prefercite: Preferred Citation
processinfo: Processing Information
scopecontent: Scope and Contents
separatedmaterial: Separated Materials
userestrict: Conditions Governing Use
dimensions: Dimensions
legalstatus: Legal Status
summary: Summary
edition: Edition
extent: Extent
note: General Note
inscription: Inscription
langmaterial: Language of Materials
physdesc: Physical Description
relatedmaterial: Related Materials
abstract: Abstract
physloc: Physical Location
materialspec: Materials Specific Details
physfacet: Physical Facet
rights_statement: Rights
<<: *note_type_definitions
<<: *note_type_definitions
<<: *note_type_definitions
<<: *note_type_definitions
materials: Materials
type_note: Type Note
additional_information: Additional Information
expiration: Expiration
extension: Extension
permissions: Permissions
restrictions: Restrictions
additional_information: Additional Information
creator: Creator
source: Source
subject: Subject
is_associative_with: Associative with Related
is_earlier_form_of: Earlier Form of Related
is_later_form_of: Later Form of Related
is_child_of: Child of Related
is_parent_of: Parent of Related
sibling_of: Is Sibling of
forms_part_of: Forms Part of
has_part: Has Part
part: "\"Part\" relationship"
bound_with: "\"Bound With\" relationship"
is_subordinate_to: Is Subordinate to Related
is_superior_of: Is Superior of Related
name: Name
person: Person
family: Family
corporate_entity: Corporate Entity
subject: Subject
function: Function
occupation: Occupation
title: Title
genre_form: Genre / Form
geographic_name: Geographic Name
novalue: No value defined
novalue: No value defined
novalue: No value defined
novalue: No value defined
inches: Inches
feet: Feet
yards: Yards
millimeters: Millimeters
centimeters: Centimeters
meters: Meters
RestrictedSpecColl: 1 - Donor/university imposed access restriction
RestrictedCurApprSpecColl: 2 - Repository imposed access restriction
RestrictedFragileSpecColl: 3 - Restricted fragile
InProcessSpecColl: 4 - Restricted in-process
ColdStorageBrbl: 5 - Other
av_materials: Audiovisual Materials
arrivals: Arrivals
shared: Shared
agrovoc: "AGROVOC multilingual agricultural thesaurus. (Rome: APIMONDIA)"
allmovie: "AllMovie"
allmusic: "AllMusic"
allocine: "AlloCiné"
amnbo: "American National Biography Online"
ansi: "American National Standards Institute and National Information Standards Organisation number for an ANSI or ANSI/NISO standard"
artsy: "Artsy"
bdusc: "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress (United States Congress)"
bfi: "BFI - British Film Institute"
bnfcg: "BnF catalogue général (Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France)"
cantic: "CANTIC (Catàleg d'autoritats de noms i títols de Catalunya) (Biblioteca de Catalunya)"
cgndb: "Canadian Geographical Names Database (Natural Resources Canada)"
danacode: "Danacode (Bnei Brak, Israel: D.A.N.A. Systems)"
datoses: " (Biblioteca Nacional de España)"
discogs: "Discogs"
dkfilm: "Det Danske Filminstitut Filmdatabasen"
doi: "Digital Object Identifier"
ean: "International Article Number"
eidr: "EIDR: Entertainment Identifier Registry"
fast: "Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (Dublin, Ohio: OCLC)"
filmport: ""
findagr: "Find a Grave"
freebase: "Freebase"
gec: "Gran enciclopèdia catalana"
geogndb: "Geographic Names Database"
geonames: "GeoNames"
gettytgn: "Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online (J. Paul Getty Trust)"
gettyulan: "Union List of Artist Names Online (J. Paul Getty Trust)"
gnd: "Gemeinsame Normdatei (Leipzig, Frankfurt: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)"
gnis: "Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (United States Geological Survey, Board on Geographic Names)"
gtin-14: "Global Trade Identification Number 14 (EAN/UCC-128 or ITF-14)"
hdl: "Handle"
ibdb: "IBDB - Internet Broadway Database"
idref: "IdRef: le referentiel des autorites Sudoc (L'agence bibliographique de l'enseignement superieur (ABES))"
imdb: "IMDb - Internet Movie Database"
isan: "International Standard Audiovisual Number"
isbn: "International Standard Book Number"
isbn-a: "International Standard Book Number (the actionable ISBN) (International DOI Foundation (IDF))"
isbnre: "ISBN (International Standard Book Number) registrant element"
isil: "ISIL (International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations)"
ismn: "International Standard Music Number"
isni: "International Standard Name Identifier"
iso: "International Organization for Standardization number for an ISO standard"
isrc: "International Standard Recording Code"
issn: "International Standard Serial Number"
issn-l: "Linking International Standard Serial Number"
issue-number: "Sound recording issue number"
istc: "International Standard Text Code"
iswc: "International Standard Musical Work Code"
itar: "ITAR (Importtjeneste og autoritetsregistre)"
kinopo: "КиноПоиск = KinoPoisk"
lccn: "Library of Congress Control Number"
lcmd: "Library of Congress Manuscript Division (Washington, DC: Library of Congress)"
lcmpt: "Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT) (Washington, DC: Library of Congress)"
libaus: "Libraries Australia (National Library of Australia)"
local: "Locally defined identifier"
matrix-number: "Sound recording matrix number"
moma: "Museum of Modern Art (New York: Museum of Modern Art)"
munzing: "Munzinger (Munzinger Archiv)"
music-plate: "Publisher's music plate number"
music-publisher: "Publisher-assigned music number"
musicb: "MusicBrainz"
natgazfid: "U.S. National Gazetteer Feature Name Identifier"
nga: "National Gallery of Art (Washington DC: National Gallery of Art)"
nipo: "Número de Identificación de las Publicaciones Oficiales"
nndb: "NNDB (Notable Names Database)"
npg: "National Portrait Gallery (London: National Portrait Gallery)"
odnb: "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press)"
opensm: "OpenStreetMap"
orcid: "Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier"
oxforddnb: "Oxford Biography Index"
porthu: ""
rbmsbt: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Binding Terms (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmsgt: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Genre Terms (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmspe: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Provenance Evidence (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmsppe: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Printing and Publishing Evidence (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmspt: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Paper Terms (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmsrd: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Relationship Designators (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rbmste: "RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Type Evidence (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College & Research Libraries)"
rid: "ResearcherID (Thomson Reuters)"
rkda: "RKDartists& (Den Haag: Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie)"
saam: "Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution)"
scholaru: "Scholar Universe"
scope: "Scope"
scopus: "Scopus Author Identifier"
sici: "Serial Item and Contribution Identifier"
spotify: "Spotify"
sprfbsb: "Sports Reference: Baseball"
sprfbsk: "Sports Reference: Basketball"
sprfcbb: "Sports Reference: College Basketball"
sprfcfb: "Sports Reference: College Football"
sprfhoc: "Sports Reference: Hockey"
sprfoly: "Sports Reference: Olympic Sports"
sprfpfb: "Sports Reference: Pro Football"
stock-number: "Publisher, distributor, or vendor stock number"
strn: "Standard Technical Report Number"
svfilm: "Svensk Filmdatabas"
tatearid: "Tate Artist Identifier"
theatr: "Theatricalia"
trove: "Trove (National Library of Australia)"
upc: "Universal Product Code"
uri: "Uniform Resource Identifier"
urn: "Uniform Resource Name"
viaf: "Virtual International Authority File number"
videorecording-identifier: "Publisher-assigned videorecording number"
wikidata: "Wikidata (Wikimedia Foundation)"
wndla: "Web NDL Authorities (Tokyo: National Diet Library (NDL))"
accession_acquisition_type: Accession Acquisition Type
accession_parts_relator: Accession Parts Relator
accession_parts_relator_type: Accession Parts Relator Type
accession_sibling_relator: "Accession Sibling Relator"
accession_sibling_relator_type: Accession Sibling Relator Type
accession_resource_type: Accession Resource Type
agent_contact_salutation: Agent Contact Salutation
agent_relationship_associative_relator: Agent Relationship Associative Relator
agent_relationship_earlierlater_relator: Agent Relationship Earlierlater Relator
agent_relationship_parentchild_relator: Agent Relationship Parentchild Relator
agent_relationship_subordinatesuperior_relator: Agent Relationship Subordinatesuperior Relator
archival_record_level: Archival Record Level
collection_management_processing_priority: Collection Management Processing Priority
collection_management_processing_status: Collection Management Processing Status
container_location_status: Container Location Status
container_type: Container Type
country_iso_3166: Country ISO 3166
date_calendar: Date Calendar
date_certainty: Date Certainty
date_era: Date Era
date_label: Date Label
date_type: Date Type
deaccession_scope: Deaccession Scope
digital_object_digital_object_type: Digital Object Digital Object Type
digital_object_level: Digital Object Level
event_event_type: Event Event Type
event_outcome: Event Outcome
extent_extent_type: Extent Extent Type
extent_portion: Extent Portion
file_version_checksum_methods: File Version Checksum Methods
file_version_file_format_name: File Version File Format Name
file_version_use_statement: File Version Use Statement
file_version_xlink_actuate_attribute: File Version Xlink Actuate Attribute
file_version_xlink_show_attribute: File Version Xlink Show Attribute
instance_instance_type: Instance Instance Type
language_iso639_2: Language ISO 639-2
script_iso15924: Language Script ISO 15924
linked_agent_archival_record_relators: Linked Agent Archival Record Relators
linked_agent_event_roles: Linked Agent Event Roles
linked_agent_role: Linked Agent Role
linked_event_archival_record_roles: Linked Event Archival Record Roles
location_temporary: Location Temporary
name_person_name_order: Name Person Name Order
name_rule: Name Rule
name_source: Name Source
note_bibliography_type: Note Bibliography Type
note_digital_object_type: Note Digital Object Type
note_langmaterial_type: Note Language of Materials Type
note_index_item_type: Note Index Item Type
note_index_type: Note Index Type
note_multipart_type: Note Multipart Type
note_orderedlist_enumeration: Note Orderedlist Enumeration
note_rights_statement_act_type: Note Rights Statement Act Type
note_rights_statement_type: Note Rights Statement Type
note_singlepart_type: Note Singlepart Type
telephone_number_type: Telephone Number Type
resource_finding_aid_description_rules: Resource Finding Aid Description Rules
resource_finding_aid_status: Resource Finding Aid Status
resource_resource_type: Resource Resource Type
rights_statement_ip_status: Rights Statement IP Status
rights_statement_rights_type: Rights Statement Rights Type
subject_source: Subject Source
subject_term_type: Subject Term Type
user_defined_enum_1: User Defined Enum 1
user_defined_enum_2: User Defined Enum 2
user_defined_enum_3: User Defined Enum 3
user_defined_enum_4: User Defined Enum 4
job_type: Job Type
dimension_units: Dimension Units
restriction_type: Local Access Restriction Type
location_function_type: Location Function Type
rights_statement_external_document_identifier_type: Rights Statement External Document Identifier Type
rights_statement_act_restriction: Rights Statement Act Restriction
rights_statement_act_type: Rights Statement Act Type
rights_statement_other_rights_basis: Rights Statement Other Rights Basis
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