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add: Add
add_event: Add Event
automate: Automatically generate
batch: Batch
browse: Browse
cancel: Cancel
close: Close
continue: Continue
confirm: Confirm
confirm_removal: Confirm Removal
container_labels: Download Container Labels
create: Create
cut: Cut
defaults: Default Values
edit: Edit
edit_oai: Edit OAI Settings
edit_batch: Edit Batch
edit_groups: Edit Groups
edit_default_values: Edit Default Values
edit_default_archival_object_values: Edit Component Defaults
edit_required_fields: Edit Required Fields
edit_global_oai: View/Edit Global OAI Settings
required: Required Fields
export: Export
view: View
spawn: Spawn
show_all: Show All
transfer_record: Transfer
more: More
link_to: Link To
add_prefix: Add
merge_replace: Replace
merge_add: Add
merge_confirm_title: Merge into this record?
merge_agent_compare_agent_details: Compare Agents
merge_from_browse_confirm_title: Merge selected records?
merge_subject_confirm_message: "The subject '%{source}' will have the selected records merged into it. All selected records will be deleted and any linked records will be re-linked to this subject."
merge_agent_confirm_message: "The agent '%{source}' will have the selected record merged into it. The selected record will be deleted and any linked records will be re-linked to this agent. Clicking the Compare Agents button will bring up a screen that gives you the option to choose which fields and sub-records to retain from each record."
merge_agent_from_browse_confirm_message: "The first agent selected will have the subsequently selected records merged into it. All subsequently selected records will be deleted and any linked records will be re-linked to the first agent selected."
merge_resource_confirm_message: "The resource '%{source}' will have the selected records merged into it. All selected records will be deleted and any linked records will be re-linked to this resource."
move: Move
move_up_a_level: Up a Level
move_up: Up
move_down: Down
move_down_into: Down Into...
paste: Paste
remove: Remove
refresh_page: Refresh Page
new_prefix: New
save_prefix: Save
save_plus_one: "+1"
save_anyway: Save Anyway
select: Select
set_default: Set as Default
suppress: Suppress
suppress_confirm_title: Suppress this Record?
suppress_confirm_message: "While a suppressed record will remain in the database, it will become hidden to most users and unavailable to most functions."
transfer: Transfer
transfer_confirm_title: Transfer this record?
transfer_confirm_message: "The record '%{target}' will be transferred to the repository you selected"
transfer_successful: Transfer Successful. Records may take a moment to appear in the target repository while re-indexing takes place.
transfer_failed: Transfer Failed
transfer_failed_records_using_digital_objects: "The following records link to digital objects that would be transferred, but doing so would break their instance links"
unset_default: Unset Default
unsuppress: Unsuppress
unsuppress_confirm_title: Unsuppress this Record?
unsuppress_confirm_message: "false"
unable_to_move_message: "Unable to Move Record"
move_ordering_problem_message: "Record Move Ordering Issue"
delete: Delete
delete_confirm_title: "Delete this Record? %{title}"
delete_confirm_message: "<p>Please be aware <strong>you cannot undo this action</strong>.</p><p>This action will remove the record from the database, including any references it has to other records.</p>"
delete_repository_confirm_title: "Delete this Repository? %{name}"
delete_repository_confirm_message: "<p>Please be aware <strong>you cannot undo this action</strong>.</p><p>This action will remove the <strong>repository</strong> and all associated records from the database, including any references it has to other records.</p><p>To continue please enter '%{repository}' below:</p><p><input id='deleteRepoConfim' data-confirm-answer='%{repository}'></input></p>"
delete_multiple: Delete Records
delete_multiple_confirm_title: Delete Records?
delete_multiple_confirm_message: "<p>Please be aware <strong>you cannot undo this action</strong>.</p><p>This action will remove these records from the database, including any references they have to other records.</p>"
edit_multiple: Edit Records
edit_multiple_confirm_title: Edit Records?
edit_multiple_confirm_message: "<p>This will bulk update multiple records.</p>"
export_eac: Download EAC-CPF
export_ead: Download EAD
export_mods: Download MODS
export_mets: Download METS
export_marc: Download MARCXML
export_dc: Download DC
export_csv: Download CSV
loading: Loading...
revert: Revert Changes
finish_editing: Close Record
merge: Merge
form_changes_message: "<small><span class='muted'>You have unsaved changes</span></small>"
toolbar_disabled_message: "<small><span class='muted'>You have unsaved changes - Save or Revert to access toolbar and record tree</span></small>"
publish: Publish All
publish_confirm_title: Publish?
publish_confirm_message: "<p>Performing this action will publish this record, any sub-records (External Documents, Notes, etc) and all components in the hierarchy.</p>"
view_search_results: Go to Search Results
view_published: View Published
print_to_pdf: Generate PDF
resource_to_pdf: Resource to Print
download_pdf: Download PDF
download_report: Download Report
click_to_show: Please click to load records.
rapid_data_entry: Rapid Data Entry
enable_reorder: Enable Reorder Mode
reorder_active: Disable Reorder Mode
message: "<p><strong>Database Warning:</strong> You are currently using the embedded database (Apache Derby). The embedded database is for testing/demo purposes only. You should use MySQL for any data intended for production, including data in a test instance that you intend to move over to a production instance.</p>"
auto_generated: System generates when saved
include_unpublished: Include unpublished
include_daos: Include &lt;dao&gt; tags
numbered_cs: Use numbered &lt;c&gt; tags
print_pdf: Print to PDF
ead3: EAD3 schema
use_mods: Use MODS
use_dc: Use Dublin Core
first: First
last: Last
previous: "&#171;"
previous_label: Previous
next: "&#187;"
next_label: Next
summary_prefix: Showing
summary_offset_connector: "-"
summary_total_connector: of
summary_suffix: Results
page_prefix: Page
page_connector: of
title: Search Results
context: Found in
no_results: No records found
no_results_prefix: There were no search results for
result_type: Record Type
result_title: Title
result_identifier: Identifier
filtered_by: Filtered By
modified: Last Modified by
created: Created by
text_placeholder: Filter by text
clear_all: Clear All
component_switch: Show Components
query: Text
subjects: Subject
primary_type: Record Type
digital_object_type: Type
level: Level
classification_path: Classification
accession_date_year: Accession Date
source: Source
rules: Rules
parent_type: Record Type
processing_priority: Processing Priority
processing_status: Status
publish: Published
temporary: Temporary
outcome: Outcome
event_type: Type
first_term_type: Term Type (First)
classification_uri: Classification
location_uris: Location
agents: Agent
creators: Creator
fullrecord: Keyword
subjects_text: Subject
title: Title
creators_text: Creator
notes: Notes
container_profile_width_u_sstr: Width
container_profile_height_u_sstr: Height
container_profile_depth_u_sstr: Depth
container_profile_dimension_units_u_sstr: Dimension Units
building: Building
floor: Floor
room: Room
area: Area
location_profile_display_string_u_ssort: Location Profile
location_profile_width_u_sstr: Width
location_profile_height_u_sstr: Height
location_profile_depth_u_sstr: Depth
location_profile_dimension_units_u_sstr: Dimension Units
rights_statement_agent_uris: Rights Statement Agent
assessment_surveyors: Surveyed By
assessment_review_required: Review Required
assessment_sensitive_material: Sensitive Material
assessment_reviewer_uris: Reviewer
assessment_surveyed_by_uris: Surveyed By
assessment_reviewers: Reviewer
assessment_inactive: Inactive
assessment_survey_year: Survey Year
assessment_record_types: Record Type
assessment_completed: Completed
row_selection: Click a row to select it for bulk operations. Hold alt while clicking a checkbox to select, or unselect, multiple previous rows.
sort_by: "Sort by:"
and: "and:"
asc: Ascending
desc: Descending
relevance: Relevance
title_sort: Title
user_mtime: Modified
primary_type: Record Type
processing_priority: Processing Priority
processing_status: Processing Status
processing_hours_total: Total Hours
parent_id: Record Type
create_time: Created
authority_id: Authority ID
source: Source
rules: Rules
outcome: Outcome
event_type: Type
identifier: Identifier
select: Select
building: Building
floor: Floor
room: Room
area: Area
resource_type: Resource Type
acquisition_type: Acquisition Type
accession_date: Accession Date
restrictions_apply: Restrictions Apply
access_restrictions: Access Restrictions
use_restrictions: Use Restrictions
level: Level of Description
language: Language
restrictions: Restrictions
ead_id: EAD ID
finding_aid_status: Finding Aid Status
digital_object_id: Digital Object ID
digital_object_type: Digital Object Type
publish: Publish
location_profile_display_string_u_ssort: Location Profile
assessment_survey_begin: Survey Begin Date
assessment_survey_end: Survey Completed Date
assessment_id: ID
AND: And
OR: Or
NOT: Not
equal: equals
greater_than: greater than
lesser_than: less than
empty: unassigned
true_value: "True"
false_value: "False"
button_text: Search
reset: Clear
show: Show Advanced
hide: Hide Advanced
show: Show Advanced Search
hide: Hide Advanced Search
contains: contains
empty: is empty
empty: unassigned
become-user: Become User
failed: Failed to switch to the specified user
success: Successfully switched users
become-user: Become User
brand: ArchivesSpace
create: Create
import: Import
import_eac: EAC file
import_ead: EAD file
import_marcxml: MARCXML
import_marcxml_subjects_and_agents: MARCXML (Subjects and Agents only)
import_accession_csv: Accession CSV
import_digital_object_csv: Digital Object CSV
search_all: All Records
search_placeholder: Search All Records
search_button_title: Search All Records
show_advanced_search_button_title: Show Advanced Search
hide_advanced_search_button_title: Hide Advanced Search
plugins: Plug-ins
repositories_manage: Manage Repositories
oai_config: Manage OAI-PMH Settings
manage_groups: Manage Groups
manage_users: Manage Users
manage_container_profiles: Manage Container Profiles
manage_location_profiles: Manage Location Profiles
manage_top_containers: Manage Top Containers
manage_enumerations: Manage Controlled Value Lists
global_preferences: Global Preferences
user_repo_preferences: Repository Preferences
repo_preferences: User Preferences
manage_user_access: Manage User Access
logout: Logout
login: Sign In
login_expired_link: Please %{link} again.
login_fail: Login attempt failed
login_success: Login Successful. Redirecting...
register: Register now
register_prefix: Need an account?
list_reports: Reports
global_admin: System
system_info: System Information
unpublished: Unpublished
manage_assessment_attributes: Manage Assessment Attributes
gone: Your backend session was not found
expired: Your session expired due to inactivity
inline_login_title: Session Expired
success: Records deleted
error: "Unable to delete records:"
success: Subjects deleted
error: "Unable to delete subjects:"
success: Agents deleted
error: "Unable to delete agents:"
success: Locations deleted
error: "Unable to delete locations:"
success: Assessments deleted
error: "Unable to delete assessments:"
heading: Welcome to ArchivesSpace
message: Your friendly archives management tool.
message_logged_in: Your friendly archives management tool.
home: Home
body: You have some outstanding changes. Please save or dismiss these changes to continue.
save: Save Changes
dismiss: Dismiss Changes
link_to_prefix: Link to
create_and_link_to_prefix: Create and Link to
hint_text: Type to search available records..
placeholder: Type to search available records..
no_results: No matching results. Try 'Browse'.
searching: Searching...
delete: "&times;"
wrap_prefix: "Wrap with:"
help: "Mixed Content Enabled&#160;&#160;--&#160;&#160;Type '<' for elements or highlight text to wrap"
eac_title: Import an EAC file
ead_title: Import an EAD File
marcxml_title: Import a MARCXML file
marcxml_subjects_and_agents_title: Import Subjects and Agents from a MARCXML file
accession_csv_title: Import Accession Records from a CSV File
digital_object_csv_title: Import Digital Object Records from a CSV File
import_report: Import Report
import_another: Import Another File
file_select: Select a file to upload
submit: Import
submit_busy_message: Importing...
missing_repo: You need to select a repository before importing
missing_file: Please select an EAD file to upload
error_prefix: Error importing file
complete: Import Complete
archival_object: Component Record Defaults
resource: Resource Record Defaults
accession: Accession Record Defaults
subject: Subject Record Defaults
agent_person: Agent Record Defaults (Person)
agent_family: Agent Record Defaults (Family)
agent_corporate_entity: Agent Record Defaults (Corporate Entity)
agent_software: Agent Record Defaults (Software)
digital_object: Digital Object Defaults
digital_object_component: Digital Object Component Defaults
location: Location Record Defaults
event: Event Record Defaults
classification: Classification Record Defaults
classification_term: Classification Term Defaults
defaults_updated: Defaults Updated
agent_person: Agent Record Required Fields (Person)
agent_family: Agent Record Required Fields (Family)
agent_corporate_entity: Agent Record Required Fields (Corporate Entity)
agent_software: Agent Record Required Fields (Software)
required_fields_updated: Required Fields Updated
before: Add Items Before
after: Add Items After
as_child: Add Items as Children
unexpected_failure: Oops! We're having trouble fetching this tree. Please try refreshing the page.
sidebar_label: Errors and Warnings
error_403: Unable to Access Page
error_403_message: "The page you've tried to access may no longer exist or you may not have permission to view it."
error_404: Record Not Found
error_404_message: "The record you've tried to access may no longer exist or you may not have permission to view it."
error_tree_pane_ajax: An error occurred loading this form.
merge_conflict: "Merging agent(s) could not complete: %{message}"
merge_too_many_victims: Only one agent may be selected for this merge.
merge_different_types: Agents selected for this merge must be of the same type.
linked_to_assessment: Record cannot be deleted as it is linked to an assessment
created: Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong> created
unsuppressed: Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong> unsuppressed
updated: Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong> updated
suppressed: Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong> suppressed
suppressed_info: Accession is suppressed and cannot be edited
deleted: Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong> deleted
transfer_description: Transfer this accession to...
transfer_target: Select a repository to transfer into
spawned: "This Accession has been spawned from Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong>"
delete_conflict: "Accession could not be deleted: <pre>%{error}</pre>"
basic_information: Basic Information
create: Create Accession
save: Save Accession
agent: &agent_attributes
created: Agent Created
updated: Agent Saved
deleted: Agent Deleted
delete_conflict: "Agent could not be deleted: <pre>%{error}</pre>"
merge_description: Select the agent to merge into
merged: Agent(s) Merged
please_select_a_agent_to_merge: Please select an agent
basic_information: Basic Information
dates_of_existence: Dates of Existence
name: Name Forms
contacts: Contact Details
search_embedded: Linked Records
linked_via_rights_statement: Linked Records via Rights Statement
target_record: This record will be updated
victim_record: This record will be deleted
create: Create Agent
preview: Merge Preview
add: Add Contact
add: Add Telephone Number
save: Save Corporate Entity
save: Save Family
save: Save Person
save: Save Software
external_ark_url: External ARK URL
external_ark_url_tooltip: External ARK URL Tooltip
created: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> on Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> created
created_with_parent: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> created as child of <strong>%{parent.display_string}</strong> on Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong>
updated: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> updated
updated_with_parent: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> updated
please_select_a_resource_for_transfer: Please choose a Resource
transfer_success: Successfully transferred Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> to Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong>
transfer_error: "Unable to transfer Archival Object due to an error or conflict: <pre>%{exception}</pre>"
deleted: "Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.display_string}</strong> deleted"
unsuppressed: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.title}</strong> unsuppressed
suppressed: Archival Object <strong>%{archival_object.title}</strong> suppressed
suppressed_info: Archival Object is suppressed and cannot be edited
has_unpublished_ancestor: Please be aware this record has an ancestor that is unpublished.
delete_conflict: "Archival Object could not be deleted: <pre>%{error}</pre>"
basic_information: Basic Information
add_child: Add Child
add_sibling: Add Sibling
save: Save Archival Object
new_record_title: New Archival Object
created: "Classification <strong>%{classification.title}</strong> created"
updated: "Classification <strong>%{classification.title}</strong> updated"
deleted: "Classification <strong>%{classification.title}</strong> deleted"
basic_information: Basic Information
search_embedded: Linked Records
add_child: Add Child
create: Create Classification
save: Save Classification
add: Add Classification
created: "Classification Term <strong>%{classification_term.title}</strong> created"
created_with_parent: "Classification Term <strong>%{classification_term.title}</strong> created"
updated: "Classification Term <strong>%{classification_term.title}</strong> updated"
updated_with_parent: "Classification Term <strong>%{classification_term.title}</strong> updated"
deleted: "Classification Term <strong>%{classification_term.title}</strong> deleted"
basic_information: Basic Information
search_embedded: Linked Records
add_child: Add Child
add_sibling: Add Sibling
save: Save Classification Term
new_record_title: New Classification Term
collection_management: &collection_management_attributes
title_prefix: Processing
add: Add Collection Management Fields
add: Add Container
add: Add Location
add: Add Date
add: Add Date
add: Add Deaccession
created: "Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong> Created"
updated: "Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong> Updated"
deleted: "Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong> Deleted"
published: "The Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong>, its subrecords and components have been published"
merge_description: Select digital objects below to merge into
please_select_a_digital_object_to_merge: Please select a digital object
merged: Digital object(s) Merged
transfer_description: Transfer this resource to...
transfer_target: Select a repository to transfer into
unsuppressed: Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong> unsuppressed
suppressed: Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong> suppressed
suppressed_info: Digital Object is suppressed and cannot be edited
delete_conflict: "Digital Object could not be deleted: <pre>%{error}</pre>"
basic_information: Basic Information
add_child: Add Child
create: Create Digital Object
save: Save Digital Object
created_with_parent: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> created as child of <strong>%{parent.display_string}</strong> on Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong>
created: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> created on Digital Object <strong>%{digital_object.title}</strong>
updated_with_parent: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> updated
updated: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> updated
deleted: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> deleted
unsuppressed: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> unsuppressed
suppressed: Digital Object Component <strong>%{digital_object_component.display_string}</strong> suppressed
suppressed_info: Digital Object Component is suppressed and cannot be edited
has_unpublished_ancestor: Please be aware this record has an ancestor that is unpublished.
basic_information: Basic Information
add_child: Add Child
add_sibling: Add Sibling
save: Save Digital Object Component
new_record_title: New Digital Object Component
value_updated: Value Updated
deleted: Value Deleted
delete_error: Failed to delete Value
delete_conflict: "Unable to delete Value as it's currently being referenced by a record"
default_set: Default Value Set
created: Value Created
create_error: Failed to create Value
merged: Value Merged
merge_tip: This Value may be merged with another
merge_error: Failed to merge Value
no_selection: Please select a Controlled Value List
name_selector: List Name
name_selector_tooltip: |
<p>The Controlled Value List to edit.</p>
no_name_provided: Select a Value List before creating a new value
create_value: Create Value
delete_value: Delete Value
merge_value: Merge Value
created: Event Created
updated: Event Saved
deleted: Event Deleted
suppressed_info: Event is suppressed and cannot be edited
basic_information: Basic Information
date: Event Date/Time
save: Save Event
create: Create Event
linked_agents: Agent Links
add: Add Extent
add: Add External Document
add: Add File Version
make_representative: Make Representative
create: Create Group
save: Save Group
select_a_type: Please select an Instance Type
add_digital_object: Add Digital Object
add: Add Instance
add: Add Language
add_note: Add Language Note
add: Add Agent Link
add: Add Record Link
created: Location Created
updated: Location Saved
deleted: Location Deleted
basic_information: Basic Information
search_embedded: Linked Records
add_child: Add Subcomponent
add_sibling: Add Sibling
create: Create Location
batch: Create Batch Locations
batch_edit: Edit Batch Locations
save: Save Location
single: Single Location
delete_confirm_message: "<p>Please be aware you <strong>cannot undo this action.</strong>.</p><p> If this Location is currently linked to one or more instances it cannot be deleted.</p>"
show_space_calculator: Find with Space Calculator
location: Base Location
ranges: Coordinate Ranges
created: "<strong>%{number_created} Locations</strong> Created"
updated: "<strong>%{number_created} Locations</strong> Updated"
location_batch_info: "Define the base values that will be applied to all locations generated from the <strong>Coordinate Ranges</strong> below."
location_batch_update_info: "Please enter the values to be applied."
ranges_info: "Please note, any Coordinate fields entered in the above <strong>Base Location</strong> will be replaced with the values generated by the ranges below. A maximum of %{max_range} locations will be created."
number_to_create: Number of Locations
warning: Depending on the size of your ranges, this process may take a few minutes to complete.
create: Create Locations
update: Update Locations
preview: Preview Locations
preview_short: Preview
creating: Batch In Progress...
use_date: Date(s) of Name Use
add: Add Name Form
make_authorized: Make Authoritive Name
make_display_name: Make Display Name
raw: Raw
raw_title: The raw note content
parsed: Formatted
parsed_title: How the note will be rendered in the Public application
select_a_note_type: "<em>Please select a Note Type</em>"
add: Add Note
add_content_item: Add Content Item
add_note_orderedlist: Add Item
add_sub_note: Add Sub Note
add_note_index_item: Add Item
add_note_chronology_item: Add Event
add_event: Add Event
add_note_bibliography_item: Add Item
add_note_outline_level_item: Add Item
add_note_outline_level_level: Add Level
note_definedlist_item: Add Item
expand: Expand
collapse: Collapse
apply_note_order: Apply Standard Note Order
add: Add Related Accession
select_a_type: "<em>Please select a Relationship Type</em>"
add: Add Related Agent
add: Add Related Resource
add: Add Revision Statement
oai_is_disabled: OAI Harvesting Disabled?
oai_sets_available: Sets included in OAI
created: Repository Created
updated: Repository Saved
deleted: Repository Deleted
selected: Repository is Currently Selected
selected_short: Selected
changed: The Repository <strong>%{repository.repo_code}</strong> is now active
create_first_repository: "To create your first Repository, click the <strong>System</strong> menu above and then <strong>Manage Repositories</strong>."
no_access_to_repositories: "<p>You do not have access to any Repositories.</p><p>Please contact your System Administrator to request access.</p>"
continue_with_transfer: Continue with transfer?
transfer_failed: Transfer could not complete due to the following errors
transfer_target: Select a repository to transfer into
transfer_warning: <strong>Warning:</strong> Transferring this repository will move <strong>all</strong> of its records into the repository you select. <strong>This action cannot be reversed</strong>
cannot_delete_nonempty: Cannot delete - repository not empty
all_fields: Repository Fields
oai_fields: OAI Harvest Settings
transfer: Transfer Repository
oai_settings: OAI Settings
select: Select Repository
save: Save Repository
create: Create Repository
_plural: OAI Harvest Settings
created: "Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> created"
updated: "Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> updated"
spawned: "A new Resource has been spawned from Accession <strong>%{accession.display_string}</strong>"
deleted: "Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> deleted"
published: "The Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong>, its subrecords and components have been published"
merge_description: Select resources below to merge into
please_select_a_resource_to_merge: Please select a resource
merged: Resource(s) Merged
transfer_description: Transfer this resource to...
transfer_target: Select a repository to transfer into
unsuppressed: Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> unsuppressed
suppressed: Resource <strong>%{resource.title}</strong> suppressed
suppressed_info: Resource is suppressed and cannot be edited
delete_conflict: "Resource could not be deleted: <pre>%{error}</pre>"
basic_information: Basic Information
finding_aid: Finding Aid Data
add_child: Add Child
create: Create Resource
save: Save Resource
delete_multiple: Delete Resources
external_ark_url: External ARK URL
external_ark_url_tooltip: Archival Resource Key (ARK) persistent identifier generated outside of ArchivesSpace. If this field has a value it takes precedence over an ARK generated within ArchivesSpace.
updated: "Preferences updated"
add: Add Rights Statement
preview_pending: Subject Preview
add: Add Term/Subdivision
ref: Destination Repository
created: Subject Created
updated: Subject Saved
deleted: Subject Deleted
merged: Subject(s) Merged
merge_description: Select subjects below to merge into
please_select_a_subject_to_merge: Please select a subject
basic_information: Basic Information
terms: Terms and Subdivisions
search_embedded: Linked Records
create: Create Subject
save: Save Subject
add: Add Subject
access_denied: Access denied. Login as the admin user to perform this action.
created: User Created
updated: User Saved
deleted: User Deleted
error_update: User not saved
error_create: User not created
group_not_required: User is an administrator or system user, group selection is not required.
manage_access: Manage User Access
account: Account
edit_account: Edit Account
edit_account_submit: Update Account
create_account: Create Account
update_account: Update Account
create: Create User
add: Add User Defined Fields
add: Add Use Date
date_type: Date Type
instance_type: Instance Type
column_label: Column
basic_information: Basic Information
language: Language
date: Date
extent: Extent
instance: Instance
notes: Notes
file_version: File Version
add_row: Add Row
add_rows: Add Rows
submit: Save Rows
reset: Reset
showhide_prefix: "Columns:"
showhide_suffix: visible
showhide_none: All Columns Filtered
fill_toggle: Fill Column
reorder_toggle: Reorder Columns
validate_rows: Validate Rows
inline_errors_toggle: View Inline Errors
save_template: Save as Template
select_template: Choose Template
manage_templates: Remove Templates
basic: Basic
sequence: Sequence
fill_value: Fill Value
select_a_column: Please select a column
apply_basic_fill: Apply Fill
apply_sequence_fill: Apply Sequence
sequence_count_warning: There are more rows than there are items in the sequence.
preview_sequence: Preview Sequence Values
sequence_summary: "%{count} items in the sequence:"
sequence_summary_with_maxsize: "For your %{limit} rows, the %{count} sequence values are:"
sequence_from_required: From is required
sequence_to_required: To is required
apply_order: Apply Column Order
save_template: Save Template
template_name: Template name
confirm_removal: Confirm Removal
listing: Templates
no_templates: No templates defined
default_template: Default Template
error_prefix: Row
success: "<div class='alert alert-success'>Children Created. Refreshing page...</div>"
no_rows: Please enter values for at least one row
rows_with_errors: "%{count} row(s) with an error - click a row field to view the errors for that row"
rows_no_errors: "All rows are valid"
error_summary_header: "Errors in row:"
select_prompt: Apply an RDE Template
keyboard_shortcuts: |
<div><strong>Keyboard Shortcuts</strong></div>
<div class="row"><small><span class="span3">Jump from cell to cell:</span>SHIFT + Arrow Keys</small></div>
<div class="row"><small><span class="span3">Create a new row (from last row):</span> SHIFT + Return</small></div>
sticky_columns: |
<div><strong>Sticky Columns</strong></div>
<div><small>Highlighted columns are sticky and will be replicated when new rows are added. Toggle 'sticky' by clicking the corresponding table heading.</small></div>
<div><small>Clicking <strong>Add Row</strong> will copy values from the last row; The row's <strong>+</strong> button will copy values from the currently focused row.</small></div>
fill_column: |
<div><strong>Fill Column - Basic</strong></div>
<div><small>To fill a column with a single value, click <strong>Fill Column</strong> and under the <strong>Basic</strong> tab select the target <strong>Column</strong>, enter the desired <strong>Fill Value</strong> and click <strong>Apply Fill</strong>.</small></div>
<div><strong>Fill Column - Sequence</strong></div>
<div><small>To apply a sequence to a column, click <strong>Fill Column</strong> and under the <strong>Sequence</strong> tab select the target <strong>Column</strong> and complete the <strong>Fill Value</strong> fields to generate the sequence you desire. A warning will be displayed if the sequence generated will not fulfil the number of rows in the form.</small></div>
resize_and_reorder_columns: |
<div><strong>Reorder Columns</strong></div>
<div><small>Click <strong>Reorder columns</strong>, select the row(s) you wish to reorder and use the up/down arrow buttons to change their position in the list. When happy with your new ordering, click <strong>Apply Column Order</strong></small></div>
reset: |
<div><strong>Reset Form</strong></div>
<div><small>Click <strong>Reset</strong> to clear the form and revert the sticky, visible and order of the columns to the default values.</small></div>
save_failed: <strong>Failed to save your changes</strong>
stale_record: This record has been updated by another user. Please refresh the page to access the latest version.
other_editors: "This record is currently being edited by another user. Please contact the following users to ensure no conflicts occur: <strong>%{user_ids}</strong>"
repository_changed: "This record can't be saved, because your active repository has changed. To save this record, open another window and reset your active repository."
audit_data: Audit Data
create: Create Job
save: Start Job
new: New Background Job
cancel: Cancel Job
add_file: Add file
follow_log: Follow Log
basic_information: Basic Information
status: Job Status
logs: Log
generated_uris: New & Modified Records
active_jobs: Active Jobs
archived_jobs: Archived Jobs
files: Files
status_changed_running: The job has started running. Refreshing Page...
status_changed_completed: The job has completed.
status_changed_failed: The job has failed.
status_changed_canceled: The job has been canceled.
no_active_jobs: There are no active jobs.
no_archived_jobs: There are no archived jobs.
uploading: Uploading job...
upload_successful: Upload Successful. Redirecting to Job page...
import_type_missing: Please select an Import Type
queue_position_next: This job is next in the queue.
queue_position: "This job is %{position} in the queue."
drag_and_drop_hint: Drag and drop files here
find_and_replace_warning: Find and replace jobs can and will make major changes to your database. You are <strong>strongly</strong> advised to backup your database AND to run your job in a test instance before proceeding. There is no "undo".
find_and_replace_instructions: Choose a base record to scope this find and replace operation. Then choose a record type to target and a property of that type. The operation will run in every target record in the tree of the base record, or in the base record itself if the target type is "Resource".
report_instructions: Choose a report to run by using the <b>Select</b> button.
slug_lost_warning: <b>WARNING! </b> All auto-generated slugs will be regenerated! This job applies to all records across all repositories.
slug_generation: This job will generate slugs for all <b>Resources</b>, <b>Archival Objects</b>, <b>Digital Objects</b>, <b>Digital Object Components</b>, <b>Accessions</b>, <b>Classifications</b>, <b>Agents</b>, <b>Subjects</b>, and <b>Repositories</b> that do not already have a manually added slug. <br /><br /><em>Slugs that have been manually added will not be changed, unless the Automatically Generate Slug box on the record has been checked to indicate that the slug should be replaced.</em>
slug_config_msg: <b>Based on your configuration settings in config.rb:</b>
slug_config_id: Slugs will be generated using the entity identifier where appropriate.
slug_config_title: Slugs will be generated using the entity name or title.
slug_config_eadid: Slugs for <b>Resources</b> will be generated using the EAD ID where appropriate.
slug_config_cuid: Slugs for <b>Archival Objects</b> will be generated using the Component Unique ID where appropriate.
ark_generation: This job will generate ARKs for all <b>Resources</b> and <b>Archival Objects</b> that do not already have an ARK. <br /><br /><em>External ARKs will not be changed.</em>
quick_reference_window: "Quick Reference: Keyboard Shortcuts"
this_reference: "This shortcut reference"
close_modal: "Close a modal window (e.g., this one)"
toggle_shortcuts: "Enable / disable keyboard shortcuts"
save_record: "Save the record being edited"
close_record: "Close a record being edited"
open_browse: "Open Browse menu"
open_create: "Open Create menu"
container: Container
top_container: Top Container
top_container_tooltip: |
<p>REQUIRED FIELD. The highest level container in which the described material is housed.</p>
<p>May be selected from an existing list of top containers using the type ahead or Browse functions or created using the Create function.</p>
type_2: Child Type
type_2_tooltip: |
<p>The type of the second-level container in which the described material is housed.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
indicator_2: Child Indicator
indicator_2_tooltip: |
<p>An alphanumeric expression for indicating the ID of the second-level container, which may also indicate the second-level container's position within a sequence of such containers. Bulk ranges of second-level containers are also permissible, e.g. Folders 1-16.</p>
type_3: Grandchild Type
type_3_tooltip: |
<p>The type of the third-level container in which the described material is housed.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
indicator_3: Grandchild Indicator
indicator_3_tooltip: |
<p>An alphanumeric expression for indicating the ID of the third-level container, which may also indicate the second-level container's position within a sequence of such containers. Bulk ranges of third-level containers are also permissible, e.g. Folders 1-16.</p>
_singular: Sub Container
_plural: Sub Containers
add: Add Container Instance
container_profile: Container Profile
container_profile_tooltip: |
<p>A description of various characteristics of a particular kind of container, including dimensions.</p>
indicator: Indicator
indicator_tooltip: |
<p>REQUIRED FIELD. An alphanumeric expression for indicating the place of the highest level container, which may also be the position of the container in a sequence of containers.</p>
barcode: Barcode
barcode_tooltip: |
<p>Used to record the barcode that uniquely identifies the highest level container.</p>
type: Container Type
type_tooltip: |
<p>The type of the highest level container.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
ils_holding_id: ILS Holding ID
ils_holding_id_tooltip: |
<p>Identifier of associated holding record in the library ILS</p>
ils_item_id: ILS Item ID
ils_item_id_tooltip: |
<p>Identifier, supplied by the API, for an associated item record in the library ILS (system field; cannot be edited manually)</p>
exported_to_ils: Exported to ILS
not_exported: Not exported
restricted: Restricted?
parent: Parent Container
managed_container_2_type: Child Container Type
managed_container_2_type_tooltip: |
<p>The type of the second-level container in which the described material is housed.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
managed_container_2_indicator: Child Container Indicator
managed_container_2_indicator_tooltip: |
<p>An alphanumeric expression for indicating the ID of the second-level container, which may also indicate the second-level container's position within a sequence of such containers. Bulk ranges of second-level containers are also permissible, e.g. Folders 1-16.</p>
managed_container_3_type: Grandchild Container Type
managed_container_3_type_tooltip: |
<p>The type of the third-level container in which the described material is housed.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
managed_container_3_indicator: Grandchild Container Indicator
managed_container_3_indicator_tooltip: |
<p>An alphanumeric expression for indicating the ID of the third-level container, which may also indicate the second-level container's position within a sequence of such containers. Bulk ranges of third-level containers are also permissible, e.g. Folders 1-16.</p>
barcode_length_for_this_repository: "Barcode length for this repository:"
characters: characters
success: Top Containers successfully deleted
error: There was a problem deleting Top Containers
_singular: Top Container
_plural: Top Containers
active_restrictions: Active Restrictions
linked_records: Linked Records
basic_information: Container Information
add: Add Top Container
create: Create a Top Container
save: Save Top Container
created: Top Container Created
updated: Top Container Updated
filter_required: Please provide a filter
max_results_limit_reached: Not all results have been listed. Please refine your search.
max_results_limit_details: "Showing <strong>%{visible}</strong> of <strong>%{num_found}</strong> matching results"
results_summary: "Matching results: <strong>%{num_found}</strong>"
bulk_selection_sort_help: Click a column to set the sort ordering. Hold shift to sort by multiple columns.
bulk_action_success: Top Containers successfully updated
bulk_action_success_info: Please be aware it may take a moment before changes are reflected in the search results.
no_active_restrictions: No Active Restrictions
title: Bulk Operations
collection_singular: Resource/Accession
collection_plural: Resources/Accessions
collection_resource_singular: Resource
collection_resource_plural: Resources
collection_accession_singular: Accession
collection_accession_plural: Accessions
series: Series
current_location: Current Location
keyword_criteria: Keyword
barcodes_criteria: Barcode(s)
exported_to_ils_true: "Yes"
exported_to_ils_false: "No"
empty: Unassociated containers
empty_true: "Yes"
empty_false: "No"
search: Search
update_ils_holding_ids: Update ILS Holding IDs
update_ils_holding_ids_help: Enter a value for ILS Holding ID for all selected containers.
update_container_profiles: Update Container Profiles
update_container_profiles_help: Choose a Container Profile for all selected containers.
update_locations_singular: "Update Locations: Single Location"
update_locations_singular_help: Choose a Location for all selected containers.
update_locations_multiple: "Update Locations: Multiple Locations"
update_locations_multiple_help: Choose a Location for each selected container.
rapid_barcode_entry: Rapid Barcode Entry
rapid_barcode_entry_existing_barcode: Existing Barcode
rapid_barcode_entry_new_barcode: New Barcode
batch_delete: Delete Top Containers
batch_delete_help: Delete all selected containers.
update_n_records: "Update %{n} records"
delete_n_records: "Delete %{n} records"
update_locations_current_location: Current Location
update_locations_new_location: New Location
_singular: Container Profile
_plural: Container Profiles
save: Save Container Profile
edit: Edit Container Profile
create: Create Container Profile
space_calculator: Space Calculator
created: Container Profile Created
updated: Container Profile Updated
basic_information: Basic Information
name: Name
name_tooltip: |
<p>REQUIRED FIELD. The name of the container profile. May be generic or specific.</p>
<li>document box</li>
<li>Paige 15</li>
<li>small card file box</li>
url: URL
url_tooltip: |
<p>A hyperlink for an external description of the container.</p>
dimension_units: Dimension Units
dimension_units_tooltip: |
<p>Unit of measurement for dimensions.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
extent_dimension: Extent Dimension
extent_dimension_tooltip: |
<p>The dimension used for calculating and stating the extent dimension of the materials in the container. This helps determine which dimension will be measured by the extent calculator.</p>
extent_dimension_depth: Depth
extent_dimension_depth_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the depth (front to back dimension) of the container.</p>
extent_dimension_height: Height
extent_dimension_height_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the height (top to bottom dimension) of the container.</p>
extent_dimension_width: Width
extent_dimension_width_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the width (side to side dimension) of the container.</p>
depth: Depth
depth_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the depth (front to back dimension) of the container.</p>
height: Height
height_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the height (top to bottom dimension) of the container.</p>
width: Width
width_tooltip: |
<p>Numeric value for the width (side to side dimension) of the container.</p>
stacking_limit: Stacking Limit
stacking_limit_tooltip: |
<p>The number of these containers that can be stacked on top of one another. Leave blank if there is no limit. Must be a positive integer.</p>
begin: Restriction Begin
begin_tooltip: |
<p>For a time-bound restriction, the beginning date for a restriction on access. Must be a single date in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Will be disassociated from the containers once it expires. Use the note text to indicate a less precise date or date span.</p>
end: Restriction End
end_tooltip: |
<p>For a time-bound restriction, the ending date for a restriction on access. Must be a single date in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Will be disassociated from the containers once it expires. Use the note text to indicate a less precise date or date span.</p>
local_access_restriction_type: Local Access Restriction Type
local_access_restriction_type_inline_help: "Hold down CTRL (Windows) / Command (Mac) to select multiple options or deselect an option"
local_access_restriction_type_tooltip: |
<p>For restrictions that are not time-bound, an indication of the reason for the restriction.</p>
<p>Values in this Controlled Value List may be modified.</p>
linked_records: Linked Record
restriction_note_type: Note Type
no_object_message: Please specify an object to run the extent calculator on.
report_title: Calculated Extent Report
container_profile_header: Container Profile
count_header: Count
extent_header: Extent
no_profile: <span class="text-error">NO PROFILE</span>
all_containers_label: All Containers
timestamp_label: Report generated at
extent_record_header: Extent Record
create_extent: Create Extent
calculate_extent: Calculate Extent
create_extent_record_message: Run the Extent Calculator in edit mode to have the option of creating an extent record based on the report.
waiting_for_report_message: Calculating extent ...
_singular: container
_plural: containers
_singular: Location Profile
_plural: Locations Profiles
save: Save Location Profile
edit: Edit Location Profile
create: Create Location Profile
created: Location Profile Created
updated: Location Profile Updated
fields_required_for_calculator: Please note, dimension units, depth, height and width are all required by the space calculator. Locations will be omitted from the results if any of these values are missing.
basic_information: Basic Information
name: Name
dimension_units: Dimension Units
depth: Depth
height: Height
width: Width
modal_title: Space Calculator
modal_loading: Loading...
message_container_profile_required: The Space Calculator requires a Container Profile to be set.
message_locations_required: The Space Calculator requires one or more locations to be set.
message_select_locations: "Check for space in the following Location(s):"
message_no_locations_with_space: No locations with space found
message_total_spaces: "Total number of spaces available for this container type: %{total_spaces}"
message_total_containers: "Total number of containers of this type found at these locations: %{total_containers}"
message_loading: Loading...
count: Space Available (of container type)
calculate_space: Check for Space
locations_without_space_details: Review locations without space
by_locations: By Location(s)
by_building: By Building
result_filter: Filter Results
locations_with_space: "Locations with space available: <strong>%{count}</strong>"
locations_without_space: "Locations with no space available: <strong>%{count}</strong>"
uncalculatable_locations: "Unable to calculate: <strong>%{count}</strong>"
view_all_toggle: Show locations without space
location_lacks_a_profile: Location lacks a profile
location_lacks_dimension_data: Location profile lacks dimension data
container_is_bigger: Container is bigger than the location in at least one dimension
container_at_location_lacks_profile: At least one of the containers currently at the location lacks a profile
containers_at_location_dont_fit: The containers currently at the location don't fit
location_cannot_fit_container: The location cannot currently fit any containers of this type
toolbar_button: Calculate Dates
calculate_button: Calculate Date Record
modal_title: Calculate Dates
all_labels: Calculate for all dates
no_object_message: Record not found
results_title: Calculated Date Record
create_date_button: Create Date Record
generic_create_error: Date is invalid and could not be created
create_success: Date Created Successfully. Refreshing page...
no_dates: No suitable dates found
no_dates_for_label: No suitable %{label} dates found
add: Add Act
form_header: Assessment %{display_string}
formats: Material Types / Formats
ratings: Ratings
conservation_issues: Conservation Issues
record_types: Record Types
create: Create Assessment
save: Save Assessment
add_rating_note: Add Note
remove_rating_note: Remove Note
create_for_record: Create Assessment
basic_information: Basic Information
existing_description: Existing Description
rating_attributes: Assessment Information
rating_attributes_empty: No assessment information entered
rating_attributes_additional: Additional Rating(s)
format_attributes: List of Material Types / Formats
format_attributes_empty: No material types / formats entered
format_attributes_additional: Additional Material Types / Formats
conservation_issue_attributes: Conservation Issues
conservation_issue_attributes_empty: No conservation issues entered
conservation_issue_attributes_additional: Additional Conservation Issues
created: Assessment Created
updated: Assessment Updated
deleted: Assessment Deleted
attributes_hint: Please contact your administrator to add additional %{attribute_type}
manage_attributes_hint: Manage the additional %{attribute_type} for this repository
true_value: "Yes"
false_value: "No"
true_value: "Yes"
false_value: "No"
true_value: "Yes"
false_value: "No"
true_value: "Yes"
false_value: "No"
browse_reviewers: Reviewers
heading: Linked Records
loading: Loading...
linked_via_assessment_records: Assessments
linked_via_assessment_surveyed_by: Assessments - Surveyed By
linked_via_assessment_reviewer: Assessments - Reviewer
record_type: Record Type
title: Title
identifier: Identifier
rating: Rating
score: Score
note: Note
title: Assessment Attributes
formats: Material Types / Formats
ratings: Ratings
conservation_issues: Conservation Issues
global: Global %{type}
repository: Repository %{type}
save: Save Assessment Attributes
updated: Assessment Attributes updated
error: Error updating Assessment Attributes
conflict: "Error updating Assessment Attributes. The following labels conflict with existing entries: %{conflicts}"
attribute_in_use: Unable to delete an attribute that is currently in use by an assessment
database_value: Database Value
translation: Translation
new_title: New Custom Report Template
template_information: Template Information
basic_information_fields: Basic Information Fields
linked_records: Linked Records
sort_by: Sort Report By
create: Create Template
save: Save Template
created: Custom Report Template created
updated: Custom Report Template updated
title: OAI-PMH Settings
title_repo_section: Per Repository OAI-PMH Settings
general_section: General Settings
repo_set_section: Repository Set
sponsor_set_section: Sponsor Set
repo_set_desc: In addition to sets based on level of description, you can define an OAI Set based on repositories.
sponsor_set_desc: In addition to sets based on level of description, you can define an OAI Set based on sponsor names.
oai_record_prefix: OAI Record Prefix
oai_admin_email: OAI Admin Email
oai_repository_name: OAI Repository Name
repo_set_name: Repository Set Name
repo_set_codes: Repositories in Set
repo_set_description: Repository Set Description
sponsor_set_name: Sponsor Set Name
sponsor_set_names: Sponsor Names
sponsor_set_description: Sponsor Set Description
oai_leave_repo_form: These options affect OAI-PMH for this repository only. Click below to view/edit global OAI options. This will leave current form without saving changes.
basic_information: General Settings
create: Update OAI-PMH Settings
updated: OAI-PMH settings successfully updated!
_plural: Repository Sets
_plural: Sponsor Sets
_plural: Per Repository OAI-PMH Settings
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