@lmcglohon lmcglohon released this Feb 15, 2017

Highlights of this release

This minor release includes a number of fixes for prioritized bugs and commits from community pull requests.

Prioritized bugs:

Community Pull Requests

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • AR-1567 use normalize_boolean for publish in csv (c5c1efb) -- Mark Cooper

  • Security updates (29bd911) -- Mark Cooper

  • Add restart command to archivesspace.sh (cbb1d82) -- Michael Bond

  • Ignore dev config.rb and add to build docs (4df069b) -- Mark Cooper

  • Look for plugin_init.rb within indexer for plugins (8f12972) -- Mark Cooper

  • Ignore mysql connector ci skip -- Mark Cooper

  • fix test to correspond with new export mapping (7ecf387) -- Steve Majewski

  • fix unitdate import: if no @type attrib and only a single date, make model type = single (e6c12f7) -- Steve Majewski

  • remove commented out line (34bdb8c) -- Steve Majewski

  • pass unitdate/@certainty from EAD thru to PDF (df0cb5a) -- Steve Majewski

  • change to unitdate attributes on ead export (f465565) -- Steve Majewski

  • Double line break fix for Archon (ce0ee60) -- Chris Fitzpatrick

  • Add new container/profile perms to existing groups (new repos only) (374d1ac) -- Mark Cooper

  • AR-1286 adding embedded_files.less and corresponding at-file to sfrontend assets so that file version URIs adapt to image-container (497ad86) -- Jason Loeffler

  • remove any funny chars from filename and add a timestamp (cb11407) -- Chris Fitzpatrick

  • AR-1287 fixes login form for mobile/responsive (9101b7d) -- Chris Fitzpatrick

  • allow travis builds to run from plugin directory (96a03cd) -- Chris Fitzpatrick

  • AR-768 export file_version use_statement as dao/@xlink:role (1eabb02) -- Steve Majewski

  • AR-1192 fix duplicate URI and text misalignment (f7c18de) -- Steve Majewski

  • AR-1648 display external ids as links in frontend if http(s): URL (2703bdb) -- Steve Majewski