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@lmcglohon lmcglohon released this Feb 28, 2018 · 1674 commits to master since this release

Release notes for v2.3.1

This minor release contains some community pull requests along with a few bug fixes and documentation updates.

This release includes no additional data migrations.

Community Contributions

  • Update of documentation - thanks to Blake Carver and uetuluk.

  • Enabling the use of subject term type with the MODS exporter - thanks to Lora Woodford.

  • Additional repository scoping of reports - thanks to Steve Majewski.

  • Improvements of error handling for no repositories and inability to connect to backend - thanks to Chris Fitzpatrick.

  • Updates to the Docker setup, exposing solr parameters in the config file, adding backend only option for supervisord and capability for s3 storage for index state files - thanks to Mark Cooper.

  • Thanks to the Development Prioritization Sub-team for prioritizing ANW-289 and ANW-428 which are included in this release.

  • Thanks to the Core Committers Group members for reviewing and merging pull requests for this release.

JIRA Tickets and Pull Requests Completed

  • Pull Request #1094 Optional addition of s3 storage for index state
  • Pull Request #1106 Better handling of error on repository page for a freshly installed instance without any repositories and displays an error page if it cannot connect to the backend
  • Pull Request #1110 and #1125 Repository scoping of reports
  • Pull Request #1121 Documentation update - pui_branding_img needs a full path
  • Pull Request #1126 Add backend only option for supervisord
  • Pull Request #1127 Add lang attribute to html tag for staff interface
  • Pull Request #1128 Expose additional Solr params via AppConfig
  • Pull Request #1130 Releases require mime-types gem for IndexStateS3
  • Pull Request #1132 Update documentation with correct spaces in YAML example
  • ANW-428 and Pull Request #1133 Move audit information fields (created_by and last_modified_by) out of keyword search for both public and staff interfaces) and into advanced search selections on staff interface only
  • ANW-289 and Pull Request #1134 Enabling the use of subject term type with the MODS exporter
  • Pull Request #1135 Documentation update for repo_code example
  • Pull Request #1138 and #1139 Update documentation since prefixes are fixed in new versions
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