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Release notes for v2.5.0

This release contains many program-led and community pull requests that provide feature enhancements, bug fixes, and infrastructure improvements. Some items of note include a complete refactor of the reports functionality, improvements to staff interface loading times, Japanese translations for the interface labels, and small updates to the OAI-PMH functionality, the MARCXML exporter, the EAD exporter, and the PDF produced from the public interface.

This release includes two new database migrations and the schema number for this release is 102.

Community Contributions

  • Improvements to staff form load times - thanks to Mark Triggs.

  • Reports refactor - thanks to Sarah Morrissey.

  • Cleanup of Jasper-related jar and license files and JDK versions, addition of JRuby-specific garbage collection options in startup scripts, updates to PUI tests, and enhanced error handling for tree-related actions - thanks to Chris Fitzpatrick.

  • Linked top containers API endpoint for published items, reindexing of top containers when publish all or suppression triggered, and a check to make sure links to unpublished digital objects do not display in the public interface - thanks to Lora Woodford.

  • Docker updates and exposure of the total count in paginated responses - thanks to Mark Cooper.

  • An enumeration API endpoint and updates to OAI harvesting and MARCXML and EAD exports - thanks to Manny Rodriguez.

  • Japanese translations for the interface labels - thanks to knjko.

  • Audience attribute respected on both <ead> and <archdesc> elements - thanks to Dave Mayo.

  • Cleanup of duplicate DOM IDs in search form - thanks to Jacob Brown.

  • Removal of literal "Indicator 1" text from notes for MARCXML - thanks to Brian Harrington.

  • Allow configuration of OAI EAD output options using AppConfig parameter :oai_ead_options - thanks to Steve Majewski.

  • Thanks to the Development Prioritization sub-team for prioritizing JIRA tickets, many of which are included in this release. A special thanks to the Reports sub-team for its many efforts in providing specifications and testing for the reports improvements.

  • Thanks to the Core Committers Group members for reviewing and merging pull requests for this release.

JIRA Tickets and Pull Requests Completed

  • Pull Request #1242 Improvements to PUI tests

  • Pull Request #1244 Error handling for tree-related actions

  • Pull Request #1261 Frontend form performance improvements

  • ANW-242 and Pull Request #1265 Select sets available for OAI harvester

  • ANW-713 and Pull Request #1269 Remove literal "Indicator 1" from notes

  • Pull Request #1271 Add base Japanese translations

  • ANW-286 and Pull Request #1275 Ensure DO published before linking

  • Pull Request #1276 Add some warning messages about pid files when running Selenium tests

  • Pull Request #1277 Remove old Jasper-related jars

  • Pull Request #1280 Updates to JDKs used by Travis

  • Pull Request #1282 Remove unnecessary file from initializers

  • Pull Request #1285 Adding some GC opts to optimize JRuby

  • Pull Request #1288 @audience respected on both <ead> and <archdesc> elements

  • Pull Request #1290 Fix a few duplicate DOM IDs for search form

  • ANW-726 and Pull Request #1291 MARCXML export: Translate relator value in 1XX, 6XX, 7XX fields

  • ANW-727 and Pull Request #1292 MARCXML export: 630 tag should have ind1 = 0

  • Pull Requests #1295, #1317, and #1318 Reports refactor
    Reports refactor also resolves

  • https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-83 - downloadable file as a column in the Background Jobs table

  • https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-126 - create shelflist reports

  • https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-676 - bug: Imported assessment records are not included in Reports, until after a manual or API save

  • ANW-506 and Pull Request #1297 Add linked top containers API endpoint for published items

  • ANW-204 and Pull Request #1300 Reindex top containers when Publish All or Suppression triggered

  • Pull Request #1302 allow configuration of oai_ead output options with AppConfig[:oai_ead_options]

  • ANW-258, ANW-272 and Pull Request #1303 Some small stylistic changes to PUI PDF

  • Pull Request #1307 Source branch not available in Docker Hub w/o hooks

  • Pull Request #1308 Return total count in paginated response

  • Pull Requests #1309 and #1315 Add PUI tests

  • ANW-310 and Pull Requests #1310 and #1313 For the PUI PDF title page, use record title if there is no finding aid title

  • ANW-285 and Pull Request #1314 Unpublished file versions do not appear in EAD export