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This plugin adds automatic identifier generation to the "Create Accession" form. The form will default to an identifier such as:


Where YYYY is the current year, and NNN is a sequence number.

To install, just activate the plugin in your config/config.rb file by including an entry such as:

 AppConfig[:plugins] = ['generate_accession_identifiers']

By default, numbering will start at zero (so in 2018, the first identifier issued will be 2018-000). You can set the starting number with a MySQL update if desired:

 -- Substitute 2018 for the current year and 20000 for whatever
 -- starting value you would like.  In this example, the first
 -- identifier given out will be '2018-20001'.
 REPLACE INTO sequence (sequence_name, value) VALUES ('GENERATE_ACCESSION_IDENTIFIER_2018', 20000);