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mkinitcpio: Produce reproducible initramfs images #1

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Just for now

@@ -301,6 +301,22 @@ These are only the variables that the core of mkinitcpio honor. Additional
hooks may look for other environment variables and should be documented by the
help output for the hook.

mkinitcpio aims to create reproducible initramfs images by default.
This means that two subsequent runs of mkinitcpio should produce two files
that are identical at the binary level.
Timestamps within the initramfs are set to the Unix epoch of 1970-01-01.
Note that in order for the build to be fully reproducible, the compressor
specified (e.g. gzip, xz) must also produce reproducible archives. At the time
of writing, as an inexhaustive example, the lzop compressor is incapable of
producing reproducible archives due to the insertion of a runtime timestamp.
More information can be found at
@@ -211,25 +211,28 @@ build_image() {

cpio_opts=('-0' '-o' '-H' 'newc')
(( _optquiet )) && cpio_opts+=('--quiet')
if (( EUID != 0 )); then
warning 'Not building as root, ownership cannot be preserved'
cpio_opts+=('-R' '0:0')

pushd "$BUILDROOT" >/dev/null
find . -mindepth 1 -printf '%P\0' |
LANG=C bsdcpio "${cpio_opts[@]}" |

# Reproducibility: set all timestamps to 0
find . -mindepth 1 -execdir touch -hcd "@0" "{}" +

find . -mindepth 1 -printf '%P\0' | sort -z |
LANG=C bsdtar --null -cnf - -T - |
LANG=C bsdtar --uid 0 --gid 0 --null -cf - --format=newc @- |
$compress "${COMPRESSION_OPTIONS[@]}" > "$out"

pipesave=("${PIPESTATUS[@]}") # save immediately
popd >/dev/null

if (( pipesave[0] )); then
errmsg="find reported an error"
elif (( pipesave[1] )); then
errmsg="bsdcpio reported an error"
errmsg="sort reported an error"
elif (( pipesave[2] )); then
errmsg="bsdtar (step 1) reported an error"
elif (( pipesave[3] )); then
errmsg="bsdtar (step 2) reported an error"
elif (( pipesave[4] )); then
errmsg="$compress reported an error"

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