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+Arch Linux ARM Release Changelog
+=== 2011.06 ===
+The first official Arch Linux ARM release
+First official armv7 release, alongside armv5te.
+Linux kernel
+=== 2011.02 ===
+Record number of packages, virtually all of which are directly from Arch Linux, with the exception of core packages
+Linux kernel 2.6.37 with gzipped modules for a smaller size
+All the latest updates, fixes, and features
+One kernel for all devices, with working LEDs
+NTFS support out-of-the-box with ntfs-3g pre-installed and ready to use
+Coming soon: PlugUI, an easy-to-use web interface for your plug computer
+=== 1.1 ===
+First release to be "autobuilt" for faster turnaround time
+Includes latest packages and less customization/hacks
+Kernel is now included in the default download and is upgraded much more easily
+USB drives and SD cards are now automounted to /media by their labels
+=== 1.0.1 ===
+Glibc and tzdata should no longer conflict
+Packages upgraded and modified to be more "vanilla"
+=== 1.0 ===
+Languages fixed (LC_* and other cosmetic errors fixed)
+Compatible with TonidoPlug via USB boot
+Compatible with Pogoplug
+Fixed compiling issues
+SSH is allowed by default in hosts.allow
+Confirmed that networking works on DHCP networks
+=== 0.07 ===
+Reverted to a working fstab, boots well
+Mounting SD cards tested, works: "mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/mmc"
+Can boot off an SD card (thanks IanJB)
+=== 0.06 ===
+Modified fstab to attempt a fixed boot
+=== 0.05 ===
+Makepkg now configured to make ARMv5TE binaries by default
+Logins from the serial console allowed
+Kernel headers from With-Linux can be installed by "pacman -Sy kernel-headers"
+Dialog and some other packages updated
+New /media/mmc directory so you can mount SD cards
+=== 0.01-0.04 ===
+Preliminary development builds which were disastrous

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