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aml-libs-c1 [odroid-c1] Add udev rules to fix /dev/am* permissions
at91bootstrap-arietta added alarm/at91bootstrap-arietta
brcm-patchram-plus added alarm/brcm-patchram-plus
cbootimage alarm/cbootimage to r64.2eb9a86-1
chromium-pepper-flash alarm/chromium-pepper-flash to, fixes #919
devmem aur updates
devtools-alarm alarm/devtools-alarm to 20151002-1
dkms-8188eu aur updates
dkms-8192cu alarm/dkms-8192cu to v4.0.2_9000.20130911-2
dkms-mt7601 Changed upstream source to
dkms-mt7610 alarm/dkms-mt7610 - fixed post_install() path
dtc-overlay alarm/dtc-overlay to 1.4.1-1
ec-utils added alarm/ec-utils
elftosb add back alarm/elftosb
exynos5-hwcomposer added alarm/exynos5-hwcomposer
fake-hwclock alarm/fake-hwclock: use systemd timer unit, to 0.3
firmware-ap6210 added alarm/firmware-ap6210
firmware-brcm43xx alarm/firmware-brcm43xx: bump pkgrel to .3
firmware-imx alarm/{firmware-imx,imx-vpu,libfslvpuwrap} update to 3.14.28-ga release
flashrom-google alarm/flashrom-google to 20140226-1
git-annex alarm/git-annex to 4.20130417-1 (aur/uuid removed)
gpu-viv-bin-mx6q alarm/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q to 3.10.17_1.0.0-2
gpu-viv-g2d alarm/gpu-viv-g2d: Update version and add checksum
gst-imx alarm/gst-imx to 0.11.1.r10.gb94ea3c-1
gst-omx-rpi Enable gst-omx-rpi on Raspberry Pi 2
gst-plugin-cedar alarm/gst-plugin-cedar-sun7i, removed unnecessary lines from PKGBUILD
h2n AUR cleanup, separation into alarm repo
imx-vpu alarm/{firmware-imx,imx-vpu,libfslvpuwrap} update to 3.14.28-ga release
ioquake3-rbp Remove chmod, move git repo to source
kodi-c1 alarm/kodi-c1 to 15.alpha2-2
kodi-imx alarm/kodi-imx to 15.2-4
kodi-rbp-git kodi-rbp-git to 16.20150820-1 again
kodi-rbp alarm/kodi-rbp to 15.1-2
libaccept4 alarm/libaccept4: fix .install script syntax
libbcm2835 Update libbcm2835 to 1.46
libcec-cubox alarm/libcec-cubox bump and change udev rules
libcec-imx6 alarm/libcec-imx6: restrict to v7
libcec-rpi alarm/libcec-rpi to 3.0.1-2
libfslvpuwrap alarm/{firmware-imx,imx-vpu,libfslvpuwrap} update to 3.14.28-ga release
libz160 alarm/libz160 fixes
luajit-git alarm/luajit-git to v2.1.0.beta1.r3.g55c3b29-2
macspoof Adding alarm/macspoof so people stop asking how to set MAC addresses.
marvell-ipp alarm/marvell-ipp: package added.
marvell-libbmm marvell-libbmm update
marvell-libgfx alarm/marvell-libgfx: workaround for mesa 9.1-2 conflicts
marvell-libvmeta alarm/marvell-libvmeta: Added [Install] section to service file
mochad alarm/mochad => update for systemd, patch gcc/glibc
motion-noffmpeg removing mysql from motion-noffmpeg
mouse-emul-git update mouse-emul-git to pacman 4.1 and add systemd service
nodejs-0.8 alarm/nodejs-0.8: provides/conflicts
nvidia-trimslice alarm/nvidia-trimslice to 16.3.0-2
odroid-boot-scr alarm/odroid-boot-scr adding buildarch
odroid-c1-libgl alarm/odroid-c1-libgl to r5p0-2
odroid-c1-remote odroid-c1-remote: use previous versioning
odroid-libgl alarm/odroid-libgl to r5p0-1
odroid-xu3-libgl added alarm/odroid-xu3-libgl
omxplayer-git alarm/omxplayer-git to 441.d99bd86-1
parallella-firmware alarm/parallella-firmware: add updated headless 7010/7020 variants, r…
pogoplug-blparam alarm/pogoplug-blparam fix
python2-dateutil-2.1 added alarm/python2-dateutil-2.1
python2-msgpack-pure alarm/python2-msgpack-pure: makedepends isn't spelled makedepnds ;)
raspberrypi-firmware alarm/raspberrypi-firmware to 20151004-1
rockchip-tools added alarm/rockchip-tools
sprunge alarm/sprunge: fix typo
sunxi-tools alarm/sunxi-tools fixes
ti-uim provide backup repo url
uboot-beagleboard alarm/uboot-beagleboard to 2015.04-1
uboot-beaglebone alarm/uboot-beaglebone to 2015.04-1
uboot-boundary alarm/uboot-boundary to 2014.07-1
uboot-chiliboard added alarm/uboot-chiliboard
uboot-cubox-i alarm/uboot-cubox-i to 2013.10-4; fix dtb subdir check as test -e doe…
uboot-cubox added alarm/uboot-cubox
uboot-kirkwood alarm/uboot-kirkwood to 2015.07-3
uboot-odroid-c1 alarm/uboot-odroid-c1 to 2011.03-13
uboot-odroid-xu3 alarm/uboot-odroid-xu3 to 2012.07-3
uboot-odroid Updated U-boot for ODroid to 2015.07
uboot-olinuxino alarm/uboot-olinuxino to 2015.04-1
uboot-oxnas alarm/uboot-oxnas to 2013.10-2
uboot-pandaboard alarm/uboot-pandaboard to 2015.04-1
uboot-sunxi alarm/uboot-sunxi to 2015.07-1
uboot-tools alarm/uboot-tools to 2015.07-1
uboot-trimslice added alarm/uboot-trimslice
uboot-udoo alarm/uboot-udoo to 2015.01-1
uboot-usbarmory alarm/uboot-usbarmory to 2015.04-1
uboot-wandboard alarm/uboot-wandboard to 2015.04-1
uboot-zedboard alarm/uboot-zedboard to 2013.10-1
v8-3.16 alarm/v8-3.16 to, fixes #729
vboot-utils alarm/vboot-utils to r1444.f843871-1
veyron-libgl alarm/veyron-libgl to r5p0-3
weston-rpi Update Weston to 1.8.0.
wiringc1 alarm/wiringc1 to 74.84e3776-1
wiringpi alarm/wiringpi to 74.72b2af2-1
wiringx-git Remove redundant makedepends, define pkgbase for clarity
xbmc-cubox alarm/xbmc-cubox bump to 12.3 fixes #537
xbmc-imx alarm/xbmc-imx rebuild fixes #1021
xf86-video-armsoc-chromium alarm/xf86-video-armsoc-chromium to r243.30370e9-1
xf86-video-armsoc-git alarm/xf86-video-armsoc-git to 243.8ca8513-1
xf86-video-armsoc-odroid alarm/xf86-video-armsoc-odroid: patch fix
xf86-video-armsoc-rockchip alarm/xf86-video-armsoc-rockchip to 261.67d4cff-1
xf86-video-dove alarm/xf86-video-dove to 0.3.4-12
xf86-video-fbturbo-git alarm/xf86-video-fbturbo-git to 197.e094e3c-1
xf86-video-imx alarm/xf86-video-imx fix
xf86-video-odroid-c1 alarm/xf86-video-odroid-c1 to 0.5-5
xf86-video-omap alarm/xf86-video-omap to 0.4.3-4
xf86-video-omapfb alarm/xf86-video-omapfb fix
xinput_calibrator added alarm/xinput_calibrator
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