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afl community/afl to 1.94b-1
argyllcms community/argyllcms to 1.8.2-1
botan community/botan to 1.11.20
busybox community/busybox to 1.23.2-1
calf community/calf to 0.0.60-1
caps community/caps to 0.9.24-1
classpath added community/classpath
cpuburn community/cpuburn to 1.4a-4
dietlibc community/dietlibc to 0.33-4
directfb community/directfb to 1.7.7-1
distcc community/distcc: drop temporary !distcc
docker community/docker to 1.7.1-2
fbreader community/fbreader to 0.99.4-5
ffmpeg-compat community/ffmpeg-compat to 0.10.16-3
fio community/fio to 2.2.10-1
freerdp community/freerdp fix typo
gdal community/gdal to 2.0.1-1
gdal1 community/gdal1 to 1.11.2-3
gdc community/gdc to 5.2.0-1
gendesk community/gendesk to 0.6.2-2
gf2x added community/gf2x
gmic community/gmic to
gnubg community/gnubg to 1.05.000-1
gnuradio community/gnuradio to 3.7.8-1
go community/go to 1.5.1-2
gpac community/gpac: v8 fix
gradm community/gradm to 3.1.201507191652-1
hardening-wrapper community/hardening-wrapper to 10-1
hping community/hping to 3.0.0-2
jack2 community/jack2: stock
jbigkit community/jbigkit: v8 update
js185 community/js185: v8 update
kbibtex added community/kbibtex
kernel-headers-musl added community/kernel-headers-musl
kodi community/kodi to 15.1-3
lash community/lash to 0.6.0~rc2-8
libantlr3c added community/libantlr3c
libcec more ncurses 6 rebuilds ...
libfbclient community/libfbclient to
libtorrent community/libtorrent to 0.13.6-1
libuhd more ncurses 6 rebuilds ...
liburcu added community/liburcu
libvirt community/libvirt to 1.2.20-1
linux-tools more ncurses 6 rebuilds ...
lmms community/lmms fix
luminancehdr community/luminancehdr to 2.4.0-5
maven community/maven to 3.3.3-2
mongodb community/mongodb to 3.0.6-2
mpv community/mpv to 0.11.0-1
mrtg community/mrtg to 2.17.4-2
mythtv community/mythtv to 0.27.5-2
netperf added community/netperf
nodejs community/nodejs to 4.1.2-1
nspluginwrapper community/nspluginwrapper fix
opencolorio community/opencolorio to 1.0.9-3
openimageio community/openimageio to 1.4.16-5
openshadinglanguage more ncurses 6 rebuilds ...
opensips community/opensips to 2.1.0-4
openssh-askpass community/openssh-askpass: fix patch
partclone community/partclone to 0.2.80-2
ppl move extra/ppl to community
python-cchardet added community/python-cchardet
python2-pyqwt community/python2-pyqwt: v8 update
qtractor community/qtractor to 0.7.0-1
rebar added community/rebar
scribus community/scribus to 1.4.5-1
seamonkey community/seamonkey to 2.38-1
shedskin community/shedskin to 0.9.4-1
sigil community/sigil to 0.8.7-1
simplescreenrecorder community/simplescreenrecorder to 0.3.3-2
simutrans community/simutrans to 120.0.1-2
spice-gtk3 community/spice-gtk3 to 0.29-1
supercollider community/supercollider to 3.6.6-1
synce-libmimedir community/synce-libmimedir to 0.4-7
tachyon added community/tachyon
tigervnc community/tigervnc to 1.5.0-1
toolame community/toolame to 02l-10
unittestpp community/unittestpp to 1.4-7
uwsgi community/uwsgi to
vifm added community/vifm
visualboyadvance community/visualboyadvance: rebuild bump for libpng
weston community/weston to 1.9.0-1
xulrunner community/xulrunner to 40.0.3-1
zynaddsubfx community/zynaddsubfx to 2.5.1-3
README naming fixes



The ALARM Github repository will only contain PKGBUILDs
of packages that need to be modified from Arch Linux ABS
PKGBUILDs. The rest are presumed to be buildable from
ABS with no modifications and run as intended without
post-installation ARM-specific changes.
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