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Arch Linux ARM is a direct port of Arch Linux for ARM-based devices.

This git repo provides means to install Pacman (from Arch Linux) packages on computers running the ARM architecture, such as the SheevaPlug, Pogoplug, TonidoPlug, DockStar, GoFlex, BeagleBoard, Pandaboard, etc. They are compiled for the armv5te (soft float) and up, with a dedicated ARMv7-A (hard float, vfpv3-d16) repository for Tegra/OMAP-based devices.

The PKGBUILDs here are only ones that needed to be modified to build on ARM. The rest are taken from Arch Linux’s Arch Build System (ABS) and are unmodified for maximum compatibility.

Each PKGBUILD should have a brief description on what was changed from upstream to make it build on ARM.

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