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Arch Linux Chinese Community Repository

Packaging consistency check

For detailed information in Chinese, visit here. 中文介绍请看这里


Add repo:

Server =$arch

to your /etc/pacman.conf .

For mirrors (strongly recommended for users in China), see

Import PGP Keys:

sudo pacman -Sy && sudo pacman -S archlinuxcn-keyring

Due to a developer's retirement, newly installed systems need to manually trust farseerfc's key:

sudo pacman-key --lsign-key ""


  • Flag package OUT-OF-DATE by submiting new issues (please follow the template).
    • If the new release is within less than a day, please be patient and wait for up to one day; our bot is likely going to build a new one soon.
  • If there is something wrong with provided packages, please submit issues of desired type.
  • Please contact us via issues or email.