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# : Manage database backup/restore
# This file is part of Yaourt (
# save alpm database (local directory only) in a tar.bz2 file
# $1: directory
save_alpm_db() {
local savedir="$1" savefile="$1/pacman-$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%Hh%M).tar.bz2"
msg $(_gettext 'Saving pacman database in %s' "$savedir")
title $(_gettext 'Saving pacman database in %s' "$savedir")
bsdtar -cjf "$savefile" -C "${P[dbpath]}" "local/" && \
msg $(_gettext 'Pacman database successfully saved in %s' "$savefile")
# test if file is an alpm database backup
# $1: file
is_an_alpm_backup() {
title $(gettext 'Analysing backup file')
msg $(gettext 'Analysing backup file')
local backupdb="$YAOURTTMPDIR/backupdb"
backupdir="$YAOURTTMPDIR/backup/$(md5sum "$1" | awk '{print $1}')"
if [[ ! -d "$backupdir" ]]; then # decompress backup only once
mkdir -p "$backupdir" || return 1
bsdtar -xjf "$1" -C "$backupdir/"
ln -s "${P[dbpath]}/sync" "$backupdir/"
pacman_parse --dbpath "$backupdir/" --query | LC_ALL=C sort > "$backupdb"
if [[ ! -s "$backupdb" ]]; then
error $(_gettext '%s is not a valid alpm database backup' "$1")
return 1
return 0
# restore alpm database from tar.bz2 file
# $1: file
restore_alpm_db() {
local backupdb="$YAOURTTMPDIR/backupdb"
local nowdb="$YAOURTTMPDIR/nowdb"
local savedb="$YAOURTTMPDIR/backup/alpmdb$$"
mkdir -p "$savedb" || return 1
is_an_alpm_backup "$1" || return 1
pacman_parse --query | LC_ALL=C sort > "$nowdb"
msg $(gettext 'New packages installed since backup:')
LC_ALL=C comm -13 "$backupdb" "$nowdb"
msg $(gettext 'Packages removed or ugpraded since backup:')
LC_ALL=C comm -23 "$backupdb" "$nowdb"
title "$(gettext 'Warning! Do you want to restore this backup ?')"
msg "$(gettext 'Warning! Do you want to restore this backup ?')"
msg "$(_gettext '(local db will be saved in %s)' "$savedb")"
prompt $(gettext 'If you want to restore this backup, type "yes"')
read -e
[[ "$REPLY" != "$(gettext 'yes')" ]] && return 0
msg $(gettext 'Deleting pacman DB')
launch_with_su mv "${P[dbpath]}/local/" "$savedb"
msg $(gettext 'Copying backup')
launch_with_su mv "$backupdir/local/" "${P[dbpath]}/local" && \
launch_with_su rm -rf "$backupdir"
msg $(gettext 'Testing the new database')
pacman_parse --query | LC_ALL=C sort > "$nowdb"
if ! diff "$backupdb" "$nowdb" &> /dev/null; then
warning $(gettext 'Your backup is not successfully restored')
msg $(gettext 'Your backup has been successfully restored')
msg "$(cat "$nowdb" | wc -l) $(gettext 'packages found')"
msg $(_gettext '(old database is saved in %s)' "$savedb")
# save ($1 is a dir) or restore ($1 is a file) alpm database
yaourt_backup() {
local dest="$1"
[[ $dest ]] || dest="$PWD"
if [[ -d "$dest" && -w "$dest" ]]; then
save_alpm_db "$dest"
elif [[ -f "$dest" && -r "$dest" ]]; then
restore_alpm_db "$dest"
error $(gettext 'wrong argument')
# vim: set ts=4 sw=4 noet:
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