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GTD (Getting Things Done) Stuff

Although I am a huge fan of todo.txt format for my GTD procedure, I decided to see If I can do the same with a custom spreadsheet.

Most of the templates I found online were bloated, so I decided to make my own.

The structure of this sheet is exactly the same as with todo.txt :

  • a simple list for everything
  • optional due dates
  • projects only when something needs more than one action to be completed
  • priorities (I use from A to C)

Please note that I still use (and will continue to use) todo.txt. This spreadsheet is just an experiment!


New additions

  • Just go to Main sheet and add your task on a new line.
  • Choose the appropriate context (calls, emails, errands etc) or list (inbox, someday/maybe etc).
  • Put either a priority or a due date - although you can, don't put both
  • Optionally, write any note on the notes column. I only put a number and I then create a txt file with the same number as a name (ex. 02.txt)


You can use the filtering capabilities to sort per anything you like, ex priority, or context or both or...

A suggested workflow would be the following:

  1. sort by inbox context/list and modify lines so that they get their actual context (ex. calls)

  2. sort by priority A (priority A are stuff I need to do today in my system)

  3. sort by due today (to see stuff that MUST be done today, ex. appointments)

All lines that are due today or have an A priority are already bold and highlighted using a yellowish color.

If a task is overdue, the due date cell will be highlighted with a reddish color.

Task completion

  • When a task is completed, just put a x in done section and the date in completion date column. You will notice that as soon as you put the x, a strikethrough formatting is applied through the whole line and all coloring is removed (all line text becomes black).
  • At a later stage, just cut all completed lines (you can sort done columm per lines that include x) and paste them in Archive sheet.


  • Don't use due dates if you want something be done on a specific date. Use them only if it MUST.

  • Use your own priorities. I use from A to C (and sometimes D):

  • A for tasks that are to be completed today (red colored)
  • B for tasks that are to be completed within the next 2-3 days (orange colored)
  • C for tasks that are to be completed within the next 7 days (green colored)
  • Being used to the simplicity of todo.txt , I don't keep separate lists for inbox, ticklers, someday/maybe, goals etc. Everything is kept on a single list and all these "special lists" are treated like contexts. So, instead of sorting per ex. calls, to see the calls you have to make, you can sort per ticklers or per inbox or....
    A single list for everything is far easier and simpler to maintain and simplicity is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful GTD system.