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Archspec (Python bindings)

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Archspec aims at providing a standard set of human-understandable labels for various aspects of a system architecture like CPU, network fabrics, etc. and APIs to detect, query and compare them.

This project grew out of Spack and is currently under active development. At present it supports APIs to detect and model compatibility relationships among different CPU microarchitectures.

Getting started with development

The archspec Python package needs poetry to be installed from VCS sources. The preferred method to install it is via its custom installer outside of any virtual environment:

curl -sSL | python3 -

You can refer to Poetry's documentation for further details or for other methods to install this tool. You'll also need tox to run unit test:

pip install --user tox

Finally, you'll need to clone the repository:

git clone --recursive

Running unit tests

Once you have your environment ready you can run archspec unit tests using tox from the root of the repository:

$ tox
  [ ... ]
  py27: commands succeeded
  py35: commands succeeded
  py36: commands succeeded
  py37: commands succeeded
  py38: commands succeeded
  pylint: commands succeeded
  flake8: commands succeeded
  black: commands succeeded
  congratulations :)

Citing Archspec

If you are referencing archspec in a publication, please cite the following paper:


Archspec is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0). Users may choose either license, at their option.

All new contributions must be made under both the MIT and Apache-2.0 licenses.


SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)