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threeJS basic examples with dynamic generation and placement

Having a longstanding interest in 3D graphics going back years, I was excited to hear about the built-in 3D capabilities of web browsers thanks to webGL. The ability to generate 3D graphics through the use of Javascript libraries without any additional browser plugins intrigued me, and soon after learning about ThreeJS, I set out to expand on the basic tutorials. ThreeJS is an open-source Javascript library that does for webGL what jQuery did for DOM manipulation. The library includes all the primitives modelers know and love along with lighting, materials, and many other 3D features.

There are seven examples here:

-wireframes -basic materials and lighting -random space -boundaries -warp speed flying off -improved warp speed -rail game background

Most of these examples deal with the basic creation of random systems, including animation and garbage collection (removing items no longer in view and generating new ones)


threeJS basic examples with dynamic generation and placement



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