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2017-08-12 12:41:15 @meskarune ====== Meeting Start ======
2017-08-12 12:41:29 Mikaela o/ went down
2017-08-12 12:41:32 @meskarune announcements: matrix channel was setup and we have been getting a few more folks from there
2017-08-12 12:41:38 @meskarune Mikaela: lol
2017-08-12 12:41:53 @meskarune perfect timing >.>
2017-08-12 12:42:31 Mikaela :D
2017-08-12 12:42:40 @meskarune so topics for discussion
2017-08-12 12:43:00 @meskarune me, or someone needs to add a link to matrix in the site footer. there is already a link to irc
2017-08-12 12:43:13 @meskarune then we need to probably link to some info to get users started
2017-08-12 12:44:01 j605 make sure to mention that they need to register or else their message won't show up on irc
2017-08-12 12:44:51 @meskarune oooh right, good point
2017-08-12 12:46:21 @meskarune the wiki theme also needs to get updated so it matching the new homepage
2017-08-12 12:46:30 @meskarune and some pages are lackign content
2017-08-12 12:46:55 @meskarune the site stuff is in git
2017-08-12 12:47:01 @meskarune so anyone can contribute
2017-08-12 12:47:21 @meskarune if you are not familiar with git, I can give you some resources to get you started
2017-08-12 12:47:54 @meskarune next up I guess is Projects
2017-08-12 12:48:10 @meskarune there are some classes planned
2017-08-12 12:48:16 @meskarune a git class with me and dmc
2017-08-12 12:48:29 @meskarune lua class with halosghost
2017-08-12 12:48:45 @meskarune and possible python class taught by pulec
2017-08-12 12:49:27 @meskarune really for git we could probabaly just clear the test repo, make a new signup and set a date since we taught one before
2017-08-12 12:50:46 @meskarune I guess that can be a todo
2017-08-12 12:50:54 @meskarune I think halosghost is on vacation atm
2017-08-12 12:51:05 @meskarune and pulec is in classroom sorta discussing and planning
2017-08-12 12:51:54 @meskarune does anyone has any questions about classes?
2017-08-12 12:53:13 @meskarune I feel like I am talking to myself :P
2017-08-12 12:53:31 @meskarune but next up is community
2017-08-12 12:53:38 +tigrmesh i'm here
2017-08-12 12:54:07 @meskarune :D
2017-08-12 12:56:26 @meskarune ok we have a mailing list discussion about meeting up here:
2017-08-12 12:56:27 phrik Title: [arch-women] California Meetup (at
2017-08-12 12:56:37 @meskarune maybe doing it around fall break would be nice? idk
2017-08-12 12:56:50 @meskarune sometime in nov
2017-08-12 12:56:53 +tigrmesh when i fall break?
2017-08-12 12:57:05 +tigrmesh s/i/is/
2017-08-12 12:57:06 @meskarune its still warm but not sweltering
2017-08-12 12:57:30 @meskarune it depends on the school but normally a few weeks around thanksgiving
2017-08-12 12:59:10 @meskarune but I'm still not sure how many people coudld make it
2017-08-12 13:02:19 @meskarune I guess we can do some reminders in channel during the week while people are chatting
2017-08-12 13:02:27 @meskarune to see where people are
2017-08-12 13:03:44 @meskarune next things, we should add to the irc rules that the channel is registered only and how to register a nick, and mention how to register for matrixc
2017-08-12 13:04:19 @meskarune there are some links in the riseup we could link to
2017-08-12 13:04:51 @meskarune and then I'd like to add suicide prevention resources to the resource page as well as add to the irc rules a link to that
2017-08-12 13:05:29 @meskarune since I don't believe we allow discussion of self harm due to it being a bit triggering and also us not really having the experience/resources to help
2017-08-12 13:06:38 @meskarune I think thats the last thing in the agenda
2017-08-12 13:06:58 @meskarune does anyone has questions/concerns/suggestions or things to add?
2017-08-12 13:09:00 @meskarune ok I will go ahead and end the meeting
2017-08-12 13:09:11 @meskarune going.... once
2017-08-12 13:09:18 @meskarune going.... twice
2017-08-12 13:09:22 +tigrmesh i'm good with ending now
2017-08-12 13:09:33 @meskarune ====== Meeting End ======