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Arch Women 61st IRC meeting


Announcements and status updates

  • The first Python class was held by pulec. There will be others. It was a video stream. It was good for a first class and we learned some things about video classes. The class is on YouTube, and pulec is creating notes from it. The videos with subtitles will be uploaded, but where has not been determinted. For now:

  • eschwartz and fsckd split the classroom repo after meskarune migrated it.

Topics for discussion


  • Server is up to date and chugging along.



  • pulec is doing another Python class in the series. The date is being voted on.

  • meskarune and polyzen plan to do another Git class.

  • m1n could teach Vim or JavaScript/web dev-y stuff (like three.js or canvas or just more general stuff).

  • meskarune voiced some concerns about the way the repos are set up now. There will be more discussion after the class is over.

  • meskarune and fsckd agreed that classroom stuff should no longer be planned in AW, as that splits the community. Half of the people involved in classroom are not in #archlinux-women.


  • Meetup - no one has posted times they are free.

Final comments, questions, etc.

  • polyzen mentioned that markup rules. To consolidate notes, we looked for an editor that supports markup well (especially importing and exporting). HackMD was chosen, and with it, we switched from reStructuredText to CommonMark.
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