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12:02 <dmc> an announcement as I get the agenda onto HackMD:
12:02 <dmc> pulec held his second Python class, on IRC
12:04 <dmc> apparently this has the resources for his class:
12:04 <phrik> Title: GitHub - archclassroom/python-beginners (at
12:08 <dmc> that didn't take forever
12:08 <phrik> Title: Arch Women 62nd IRC meeting - HackMD (at
12:09 <dmc> the Git class with meskarune and myself should be soon TM
12:10 <dmc> on to the agenda topics
12:11 <dmc> meskarune will be working on the AW blog and the AW wiki theme
12:11 <dmc> the blog is a Flask app. is fairly functional already iirc
12:12 <dmc> and iirc the wiki theme changes are to keep it on par with the blog layout
12:12 <dmc> next topic: projects
12:13 <dmc> a few items here
12:13 <dmc> the mentorship project would benefit from better advertistement and docs
12:16 <dmc> another project is Wiki Contribution Day
12:17 <dmc> meskarune noted, "Maybe we can pick a page to adopt and work on"
12:17 <dmc> the last project item is "Event to do recordings for voxforge" which I don't know the details of
12:19 <+tigrmesh> dmc: we should postpone that item until meskarune can be here for it
12:19 <dmc> okay
12:20 <dmc> our last, but not least, topic is community. planning for the meet up is still in progress
12:21 <dmc> if anyone has any new ideas or developments for this, please do share
12:21 <+tigrmesh> i don't know anything about it
12:22 <dmc> or any other comments, questions, etc.
12:24 <dmc> the mentorship docs to build on:
12:24 <phrik> Title: Mentorship Program [Arch Women Wiki] (at
12:26 <dmc> looks like I can wrap it up :p
12:27 <+tigrmesh> ok
12:27 <dmc> looks like I forgot to update some of the meeting docs