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A simple Shadowsocks transparent proxy setup script.
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A simple Shadowsocks transparent proxy setup script.

Main features

  • GFWList Mode supported
  • Chnroute (Bypass Mainland IP) Mode supported
  • Customized Blacklist/Whitelist supported
  • Game Mode (udp redirection on both OUTPUT chains and PREROUTING chains ) supported


  • shadowsocks-libev
  • simple-obfs (optional)
  • shadowsocks-v2ray-plugin (optional)
  • dnsmasq
  • ipset
  • iptables
  • bind-tools
  • AdguardTeam/dnsproxy (optional) - PKGBUILD


$ --help
  Contibuted by monlor & edward-p
Usage: {Command} {Option} {Config File}
  start | stop | restart | status | config | update
  gfwlist | bypass | gamemode | global
Config File:
  Specify which config.json to use. by default the script will use the last one used.
Example: start bypass          Start with bypass mode restart gfwlist       Restart with gfwlist mode restart bypass sfo2   Retart with bypass mode using /opt/archwrt-ss/sfo2.json restart sfo2          Retart using /opt/archwrt-ss/sfo2.json start                 Start with default mode [current:gfwlist] config                Generate a config.json to /opt/archwrt-ss/config.json config nyc1           Generate a config.json to /opt/archwrt-ss/nyc1.json update                Update rules


Install on AUR (Archlinux only)

yay -S

Install manually

$ git clone
$ cd
$ sudo install -Dm755 /usr/bin/
$ sudo install -Dm644 archwrt-ss.conf /opt/archwrt-ss/archwrt-ss.conf
$ sudo install -Dm644 archwrt-ss.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/archwrt-ss.service
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload


Before using systemctl start archwrt-ss.service, you need a valid config.json for shadowsocks, the following command will start a wizzard for that.

$ sudo config

When it is done, your config.json will be located at /opt/archwrt-ss/config.json.

It is recommend to check if there's any error in your config.json by running:

$ ss-redir -c /opt/archwrt-ss/config.json

Not yet, you may want to have a look on /opt/archwrt-ss/archwrt-ss.conf. Change some configs if you like.

Now you can start by

$ sudo systemctl start archwrt-ss.service

For auto start

systemctl enable archwrt-ss.service

Customized Blacklist/Whitelist

  • blacklist: by default, located at /opt/archwrt-ss/blacklist.txt
  • whitelist: by default, located at /opt/archwrt-ss/whitelist.txt

comment with # is supported

IP/NET/Domains suported, one line each, for example:

# This is a comment #ip #net #domain
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