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Understand the impact of social distancing measures upon Corona spread in your community
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A tool to help you visualize the prevalence and predicted spread of corona virus near you, and understand how transmission, hospital load, and deaths are affected by social distancing.

See our introductory blogpost for more details.

The modelling and data sources are documented in Notion.

Go to to see the app.


The code is in Python and relies upon the Streamlit framework to power the frontend.

To run this repo locally, do the following:

Setup venv

python3 -m venv .venv
source ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the app

export PORT = 8895
streamlit run

If you run locally without S3 credentials, data will be downloaded into this repo (see below )


Deployment is via Heroku, and follows the following steps:

  1. PRs are automatically deployed to Heroku, allowing others to see the effects of your changes. You should see a link in Github at the bottom of your PR.
  2. Merges to master are deployed to a staging environment:
  3. Deployment to production is, for the time being, manual


Data is stored in an S3 bucket. See the data README for details of sources.

We refresh data hourly using a Heroku scheduler job to fetch up to date case information from Johns Hopkins. This job runs the script.

If you'd like to add data for new countries, please do! Be aware that you will need to add population and hospital bed data. Unfortunately we're currently limited by the case data provided by the (amazing) Johns Hopkins repo : if your country isn't there, we're not going to be able to add it.


We would LOVE you to contribute to this app, which is fast moving and requires continued attention as the crisis evolves. Check out the issues for some suggestions of things to work on (keep an eye out for the good first contribution tag if you're new here.)

You'll need to fork the repo to make your changes, and then open an PR. We don't have PR guidelines for now - just be sensible and please bear with us if we're slow to review as we all have full time jobs!

If you're interested in adding a major feature or change the design of the app please feel free to run it by us (open an issue and tag us) before commencing work. Our designer will probably want to give it a once over before any coding takes place!

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