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In Arc 3.1, [...] is syntax for (fn (_) (...)). This hack instead translates
[...] into (make-br-fn (...)). This allows the semantics of [] to be redefined
in arc code. A simple definition is added to arc.arc that expands it to (fn (_)
(...)), allowing the arc code in arc.arc, strings.arc, srv.arc, etc. to use []
as before. A file load/make-br-fn.arc, which gets autoloaded when arc is
started, though after the aforementioned files are loaded, replaces this
definition with a more powerful syntax that is almost backwards-compatible.
The newer syntax interprets all variables beginning with _ found in the br-fn's
body to be arguments to the br-fn. The order of these arguments is alphabetical,
so for example:
arc> ([list _1 _2] 'a 'b) ; ==> ((fn (_1 _2) (list _1 _2)) 'a 'b)
(a b)
arc> ([list _y _x] 'a 'b) ; ==> ((fn (_x _y) (list _y _x)) 'a 'b)
(b a)
arc> ([list _ _1] 'a 'b) ; ==> ((fn (_ _1) (list _ _1)) 'a 'b)
(a b)
The variable '__, if present, is taken to be a rest argument:
arc> ([list _x _y __] 1 2 3 4)
(1 2 (3 4))
For compatibility with the old syntax, if no underscore-prefixed variables are
found, one is implied:
arc> ([idfn "this is a constant function"] 'foo)
"this is a constant function"
Note that the macro is not very intelligent with regards to figuring out what is
a "variable" and what is not. It ignores anything inside a quoted expression,
but apart from that, all symbols are treated as variables. Note in particular
that quasiquotation is not (yet!) handled. So for example:
arc> ([list '_foo _] 1) ; quoted things are ignored
(_foo 1)
arc> ([list `_foo _] 1) ; quasiquoted things are _not_
Error: "#<procedure>: expects 2 arguments, given 1: 1"
Another finnicky case is nested br-fns. I suggest avoiding these altogether, but
if you *must* use them, then as long as you use no underscore-prefixed symbols
within them except '_ itself, it should work exactly as in Arc 3.1.