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warn when assigning to a function variable

Just an initial experiment. Let's see what it breaks.
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akkartik committed Apr 27, 2016
1 parent 4e3b077 commit b7d17d8c13c1da6f32c480f132d89c86a2dcabf8
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16 arc.arc
@@ -79,6 +79,16 @@ If you find others, please report them at
(disp ',var (stderr))
(disp #\newline (stderr))))))

(remac assign-and-warn (var val)
"Like assign for just a single variable, but warn if any of the variables
being assigned to already contains a function."
`((fn () (if (bound ',var)
(if (is (type ,var) 'fn)
((fn () (disp "*** redefining " (stderr))
(disp ',var (stderr))
(disp #\newline (stderr))))))
(assign ,var ,val))))

(remac mac (name parms . body)
"Defines a new *macro*, or abbreviation for some more complex code.
Macros are the hallmark of lisp, the ability to program on programs.
@@ -91,7 +101,7 @@ Or come ask questions at"
(cons nil body)))
(remac ,name ,parms ,@body))))

(assign examples* (table))
(assign-and-warn examples* (table))

(mac examples (name . tests-and-expected-results)
"Shows some example calls of a function as an enhancement of its docstring.
@@ -870,7 +880,7 @@ table, or other user-defined type) to 'value'.")
(w/uniq (g h)
(list (list g expr)
`(fn (,h) (assign ,expr ,h)))))
`(fn (,h) (assign-and-warn ,expr ,h)))))
; make it also work for uncompressed calls to compose
(and (acons expr) (metafn (car expr)))
(setforms (expand-metafn-call (ssexpand (car expr)) (cdr expr)))
@@ -910,7 +920,7 @@ table, or other user-defined type) to 'value'.")

(def expand= (place val)
(if (and (isa place 'sym) (~ssyntax place))
`(assign ,place ,val)
`(assign-and-warn ,place ,val)
(let (vars prev setter) (setforms place)
(w/uniq g
`(atwith ,(+ vars (list g val))

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