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; HTML Utils.
(use strings)
(def color (r g b)
(with (c (table)
f (fn (x) (if (< x 0) 0 (> x 255) 255 x)))
(= (c 'r) (f r) (c 'g) (f g) (c 'b) (f b))
(def dehex (str) (errsafe (coerce str 'int 16)))
(defmemo hex>color (str)
(and (is (len str) 6)
(with (r (dehex (cut str 0 2))
g (dehex (cut str 2 4))
b (dehex (cut str 4 6)))
(and r g b
(color r g b)))))
(defmemo gray (n) (color n n n))
(= white (gray 255)
black (gray 0)
linkblue (color 0 0 190)
orange (color 255 102 0)
darkred (color 180 0 0)
darkblue (color 0 0 120)
(= opmeths* (table))
(mac opmeth args
`(opmeths* (list ,@args)))
(mac attribute (tag opt f)
`(= (opmeths* (list ',tag ',opt)) ,f))
(= hexreps (table))
(for i 0 255 (= (hexreps i)
(let s (coerce i 'string 16)
(if (is (len s) 1) (+ "0" s) s))))
(defmemo hexrep (col)
(+ (hexreps (col 'r)) (hexreps (col 'g)) (hexreps (col 'b))))
(def opcolor (key val)
(w/uniq gv
`(whenlet ,gv ,val
(pr ,(string " " key "=#") (hexrep ,gv)))))
(def opstring (key val)
`(aif ,val (pr ,(+ " " key "=\"") it #\")))
(def opnum (key val)
`(aif ,val (pr ,(+ " " key "=") it)))
(def opsym (key val)
`(pr ,(+ " " key "=") ,val))
(def opsel (key val)
`(if ,val (pr " selected")))
(def opcheck (key val)
`(if ,val (pr " checked")))
(def opesc (key val)
`(awhen ,val
(pr ,(string " " key "=\""))
(if (isa it 'string) (pr-escaped it) (pr it))
(pr #\")))
; need to escape more? =?
(def pr-escaped (x)
(each c x
(pr (case c #\< "&#60;"
#\> "&#62;"
#\" "&#34;"
#\& "&#38;"
(attribute a href opstring)
(attribute a rel opstring)
(attribute a class opstring)
(attribute a id opsym)
(attribute a onclick opstring)
(attribute body alink opcolor)
(attribute body bgcolor opcolor)
(attribute body leftmargin opnum)
(attribute body link opcolor)
(attribute body marginheight opnum)
(attribute body marginwidth opnum)
(attribute body topmargin opnum)
(attribute body vlink opcolor)
(attribute font color opcolor)
(attribute font face opstring)
(attribute font size opnum)
(attribute form action opstring)
(attribute form method opsym)
(attribute img align opsym)
(attribute img border opnum)
(attribute img height opnum)
(attribute img width opnum)
(attribute img vspace opnum)
(attribute img hspace opnum)
(attribute img src opstring)
(attribute input name opstring)
(attribute input size opnum)
(attribute input type opsym)
(attribute input value opesc)
(attribute input checked opcheck)
(attribute select name opstring)
(attribute option selected opsel)
(attribute table bgcolor opcolor)
(attribute table border opnum)
(attribute table cellpadding opnum)
(attribute table cellspacing opnum)
(attribute table width opstring)
(attribute textarea cols opnum)
(attribute textarea name opstring)
(attribute textarea rows opnum)
(attribute textarea wrap opsym)
(attribute td align opsym)
(attribute td bgcolor opcolor)
(attribute td colspan opnum)
(attribute td width opnum)
(attribute td valign opsym)
(attribute td class opstring)
(attribute tr bgcolor opcolor)
(attribute hr color opcolor)
(attribute span class opstring)
(attribute span align opstring)
(attribute span id opsym)
(attribute rss version opstring)
(mac gentag args (start-tag args))
(mac tag (spec . body)
`(do ,(start-tag spec)
,(end-tag spec)))
(mac tag-if (test spec . body)
`(if ,test
(tag ,spec ,@body)
(do ,@body)))
(def start-tag (spec)
(if (atom spec)
`(pr ,(string "<" spec ">"))
(let opts (tag-options (car spec) (pair (cdr spec)))
(if (all [isa _ 'string] opts)
`(pr ,(string "<" (car spec) (apply string opts) ">"))
`(do (pr ,(string "<" (car spec)))
,@(map (fn (opt)
(if (isa opt 'string)
`(pr ,opt)
(pr ">"))))))
(def end-tag (spec)
`(pr ,(string "</" (carif spec) ">")))
(def literal (x)
(case (type x)
sym (in x nil t)
cons (caris x 'quote)
; Returns a list whose elements are either strings, which can
; simply be printed out, or expressions, which when evaluated
; generate output.
(def tag-options (spec options)
(if (no options)
(let ((opt val) . rest) options
(let meth (if (is opt 'style) opstring (opmeth spec opt))
(if meth
(if val
(cons (if (precomputable-tagopt val)
(tostring (eval (meth opt val)))
(meth opt val))
(tag-options spec rest))
(tag-options spec rest))
(pr "<!-- ignoring " opt " for " spec "-->")
(tag-options spec rest)))))))
(def precomputable-tagopt (val)
(and (literal val)
(no (and (is (type val) 'string) (find #\@ val)))))
(def br ((o n 1))
(repeat n (pr "<br>"))
(def br2 () (prn "<br><br>"))
(mac center body `(tag center ,@body))
(mac underline body `(tag u ,@body))
(mac tab body `(tag (table border 0) ,@body))
(mac tr body `(tag tr ,@body))
(let pratoms (fn (body)
(if (or (no body)
(all [and (acons _) (isnt (car _) 'quote)]
`((pr ,@body))))
(mac td body `(tag td ,@(pratoms body)))
(mac trtd body `(tr (td ,@(pratoms body))))
(mac tdr body `(tag (td align 'right) ,@(pratoms body)))
(mac tdcolor (col . body) `(tag (td bgcolor ,col) ,@(pratoms body)))
(mac row args
`(tr ,@(map [list 'td _] args)))
(mac prrow args
(w/uniq g
`(tr ,@(map (fn (a)
`(let ,g ,a
(if (number ,g)
(tdr (pr ,g))
(td (pr ,g)))))
(mac prbold body `(tag b (pr ,@body)))
(def para args
(gentag p)
(when args (apply pr args)))
(def menu (name items (o sel nil))
(tag (select name name)
(each i items
(tag (option selected (is i sel))
(pr i)))))
(mac whitepage body
`(tag html
(tag (body bgcolor white alink linkblue) ,@body)))
(def errpage args (whitepage (apply prn args)))
(def blank-url () "s.gif")
; Could memoize these.
; If h = 0, doesn't affect table column widths in some Netscapes.
(def hspace (n) (gentag img src (blank-url) height 1 width n))
(def vspace (n) (gentag img src (blank-url) height n width 0))
(def vhspace (h w) (gentag img src (blank-url) height h width w))
(mac new-hspace (n)
(if (number n)
`(pr ,(string "<span style=\"padding-left:" n "px\" />"))
`(pr "<span style=\"padding-left:" ,n "px\" />")))
;(def spacerow (h) (tr (td (vspace h))))
(def spacerow (h) (pr "<tr style=\"height:" h "px\"></tr>"))
; For use as nested table.
(mac zerotable body
`(tag (table border 0 cellpadding 0 cellspacing 0)
; was `(tag (table border 0 cellpadding 0 cellspacing 7) ,@body)
(mac sptab body
`(tag (table style "border-spacing: 7px 0px;") ,@body))
(mac widtable (w . body)
`(tag (table width ,w) (tr (td ,@body))))
(def cellpr (x) (pr (or x "&nbsp;")))
(def but ((o text "submit") (o name nil))
(gentag input type 'submit name name value text))
(def submit ((o val "submit"))
(gentag input type 'submit value val))
(def buts (name . texts)
(if (no texts)
(do (but (car texts) name)
(each text (cdr texts)
(pr " ")
(but text name)))))
(mac spanrow (n . body)
`(tr (tag (td colspan ,n) ,@body)))
(mac form (action . body)
`(tag (form method "post" action ,action) ,@body))
(mac textarea (name rows cols . body)
`(tag (textarea name ,name rows ,rows cols ,cols) ,@body))
(def input (name (o val "") (o size 10))
(gentag input type 'text name name value val size size))
(mac inputs args
`(tag (table border 0)
,@(map (fn ((name label len text))
(w/uniq (gl gt)
`(let ,gl ,len
(tr (td (pr ',label ":"))
(if (isa ,gl 'cons)
(td (textarea ',name (car ,gl) (cadr ,gl)
(let ,gt ,text (if ,gt (pr ,gt)))))
(td (gentag input type ',(if (is label 'password)
name ',name
size ,len
value ,text)))))))
(tuples args 4))))
(def single-input (label name chars btext (o pwd))
(pr label)
(gentag input type (if pwd 'password 'text) name name size chars)
(submit btext))
(mac cdata body
`(do (pr "<![CDATA[")
(pr "]]>")))
(def eschtml (str)
(each c str
(pr (case c #\< "&#60;"
#\> "&#62;"
#\" "&#34;"
#\' "&#39;"
#\& "&#38;"
(def esc-tags (str)
(each c str
(pr (case c #\< "&#60;"
#\> "&#62;"
#\& "&#38;"
(def nbsp () (pr "&nbsp;"))
(def link (text (o dest text) (o color))
(tag (a href dest)
(tag-if color (font color color)
(pr text))))
(def underlink (text (o dest text))
(tag (a href dest) (tag u (pr text))))
(def striptags (s)
(let intag nil
(each c s
(if (is c #\<) (set intag)
(is c #\>) (wipe intag)
(no intag) (pr c))))))
(def clean-url (u)
(rem [in _ #\" #\' #\< #\>] u))
(def shortlink (url)
(unless (or (no url) (< (len url) 7))
(link (cut url 7) url)))
; this should be one regexp
(def parafy (str)
(let ink nil
(each c str
(pr c)
(unless (whitec c) (set ink))
(when (is c #\newline)
(unless ink (pr "<p>"))
(wipe ink))))))
(mac spanclass (name . body)
`(tag (span class ',name) ,@body))
(def pagemessage (text)
(when text (prn text) (br2)))
; Could be stricter. Memoized because looking for chars in Unicode
; strings is terribly inefficient in Mzscheme.
(defmemo valid-url (url)
(and (len> url 10)
(or (begins url "http://")
(begins url "https://"))
(~find [in _ #\< #\> #\" #\'] url)))
(mac fontcolor (c . body)
(w/uniq g
`(let ,g ,c
(if ,g
(tag (font color ,g) ,@body)
(do ,@body)))))
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