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commit f3a15327a88c32525cc2f07085427714cd2741c7 1 parent 52fcf29
Andrew Wilcox awwx authored
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@@ -16,12 +16,22 @@ Run
If you have a file named "foo.arc" in your current directory, you can
run it with:
- /path/to/ar/run foo
+ /path/to/ar/run arc foo
(you can type either "foo" or "foo.arc"; files without an extension
-default to ".arc").
+default to ".arc"). Specifying "arc" loads arc.arc, which in turn
+loads the Arc compiler ac and the Arc runtime ar.
+If you begin foo.arc with a `use` form like this:
+ (use arc)
+then you don't need to specify "arc" on the command line:
+ /path/to/ar/run foo
-If you have ar on your system path, you can use just "run":
+If you have the ar directory on your system path, you can just type
run foo
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