All scripts necessary to have an awesome deskop experience on ArcoLinux or vanilla Arch Linux installation
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ArcoLinuxD Xmonad

All credits to Nick Petrov for making this configuration.

Start by installing the latest ArcoLinuxD installation

Download at and burn to usb

Follow installation tutorials on

Tutorials on


This github will not only install the desktop. But we will install all needed software.

We will also make it very easy to have a desktop you can be proud of. All icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers, conky's will be there. Just select them.

Change the scripts to give it a personal touch. Hashtag out the applications you do not want.

Copy/paste lines and add applications you do want.

And then run the scripts.

If we would make an iso, you would not have this choice, this freedom. Now you do.

Learn, have fun and enjoy.


Information :

Tutorials about ArcoLinux iso (Xfce, Openbox and i3) :

Tutorials about ArcoLinuxD iso (any desktop) :

Forum :

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