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This script updates a hosted feature service in (or a local Portal) from a 3rd party API or web service.
An update is performed on the point at a given interval.
Required inputs:
+ URL to a Feature Service
+ Username / password with administrator rights for the feature service
Doc Reference:
Blog Reference: http://
import urllib
import urllib2
import json
import sys
import time
# Credentials and feature service information
username = " "
password = " "
service = "issLocation"
# Note - the URL ends with "FeatureServer". The code below handles the /0 or /n for a given layer within the service
fsURL = "" # Example: fsURL = ""
# Service URL to get updates from
# How long to wait before updating again
pauseTime = 300 # 300 seconds = 5minutes
class AGOLHandler(object):
ArcGIS Online handler class.
-Generates and keeps tokens
-template JSON feature objects for point
def __init__(self, username, password, serviceName):
self.username = username
self.password = password
self.serviceName = serviceName
self.token, self.http, self.expires= self.getToken(username, password)
def getToken(self, username, password, exp=60): # expires in 60minutes
"""Generates a token."""
referer = ""
query_dict = {'username': username,
'password': password,
'referer': referer}
query_string = urllib.urlencode(query_dict)
url = ""
token = json.loads(urllib.urlopen(url + "?f=json", query_string).read())
if "token" not in token:
httpPrefix = ""
if token['ssl'] is True:
httpPrefix = ""
return token['token'], httpPrefix, token['expires']
def jsonPoint(self, X, Y, ptTime):
"""Customized JSON point object for ISS schema"""
return {
"attributes": {
"TextDate": time.strftime('%m/%d/%Y %H:%MZ', time.gmtime(ptTime)),
"Long": X,
"Lat": Y
"geometry": {
"x": X,
"y": Y
def send_AGOL_Request(URL, query_dict, returnType=False):
Helper function which takes a URL and a dictionary and sends the request.
returnType values =
False : make sure the geometry was updated properly
"JSON" : simply return the raw response from the request, it will be parsed by the calling function
else (number) : a numeric value will be used to ensure that number of features exist in the response JSON
query_string = urllib.urlencode(query_dict)
jsonResponse = urllib.urlopen(URL, urllib.urlencode(query_dict))
jsonOutput = json.loads(
if returnType == "JSON":
return jsonOutput
if not returnType:
if "updateResults" in jsonOutput:
for updateItem in jsonOutput['updateResults']:
if updateItem['success'] is True:
print("request submitted successfully")
print("Error: {0}".format(jsonOutput))
return False
else: # Check that the proper number of features exist in a layer
if len(jsonOutput['features']) != returnType:
print("FS layer needs seed values")
return False
return True
def fillEmptyGeo(con, fsURL):
This function queries the service layer end points to ensure there is geometry as the
script does an update on existing geometry.
If there are no features, a dummy point is entered.
ptURL = fsURL + "/0/query"
query_dict = {
"f": "json",
"where": "1=1",
"token": con.token
# Check 1 point exists in the point layer (0), if not, add a value
if (send_AGOL_Request(ptURL, query_dict, 1)) is False:
ptGeoURL = fsURL + "/0/addFeatures"
ptData = {
"features": con.jsonPoint(0, 0, 1000000000),
"f": "json",
"token": con.token
if send_AGOL_Request(ptGeoURL, ptData):
print("Inserted dummy point")
def updatePoint(con, ptURL, X, Y, ptTime):
"""Use a URL and X/Y values to update an existing point."""
# Always updates point #1.
submitData = {
"features": con.jsonPoint(X, Y, ptTime),
"f": "json",
"token": con.token
jUpdate = send_AGOL_Request(ptURL, submitData)
print("couldn't update point")
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Initialize the AGOLHandler for token and feature service JSON templates
con = AGOLHandler(username, password, service)
# Check the Feature Service for the required layer and they have at least 1 point
# This call can be removed if you're certain the layer exists with a point
fillEmptyGeo(con, fsURL)
# Loop indefinitely
while True:
# Get the current ISS location and read into memory
req = urllib2.Request(ISSURL)
response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
issPoint = json.loads(
Y = issPoint['iss_position']['latitude']
X = issPoint['iss_position']['longitude']
ptTime = issPoint['timestamp']
if ((con.expires / 1000) - 61) < int(time.time()): # 60secs before token expires, get a new one
con.getToken(username, password)
# Update IIS location
updatePoint(con, fsURL + "/0/updateFeatures", X, Y, ptTime)
# Generic exception handling: simple message is printed to the screen so the script continues to run.
# Additionally, an email or other action could be implemented below.
except Exception as e:
print("ERROR caught: {0}".format(e))
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