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MediumButton extends MediumEditor with your custom buttons.
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MediumButton extends MediumEditor with your custom buttons.

You can still use the default ones, MediumButton just gives you the ability to add custom buttons.

I need your support to further develop this package. :)





npm install --save-dev medium-button


bower install --save medium-button


Follow the steps on the MediumEditor Page Then you can then setup your custom buttons.

Include script

Copy and reference the scripts (located in the dist folder):

<script src="js/medium-button.min.js"></script>

HTML buttons

This creates a buttons which make text bold.

'b': new MediumButton({
	label:'<b>B</b>', // Button Label: HTML and Font-Awesome is possible
	start:'<b>', // Beginning of the selection
	end:'</b>' // End of the selection

JavaScript buttons

// This creates a buttons which makes a popup
'pop': new MediumButton({label:'<b>Hello</b>', action: function(html, mark){alert('hello');return html}})

// Explanation
label: '<b>Hello</b>',          // Button Label -> same as in HTML button
                                // Action can be any javascript function
action: function(html, mark, parent){   
                               // HTML(String) is the selected Text
           alert('hello')      // MARK(Boolean) true if marked
           console.log(parent) // PARENT(node) the elements parent ndoe

           return html         // don't forget return the new HTML!

(you can combine the two)

Add them to MediumEditor

// Remember the name for the button infront of each
// add it to your 'toolbar buttons' just like a normal button
toolbar: {
   buttons: ['b', 'h2', 'JS', 'warning', 'pop']

 // add the code for the button as an extensions
 // seperatet with a " , "
extensions: {
  'b':  new MediumButton({label:'BOLD', start:'<b>', end:'</b>'}),
  // ...

and you're done.


var editor = new MediumEditor('.editor', {
    toolbar: {
      buttons: ['b', 'h2', 'warning', 'pop']
    extensions: {
        // compact
        'b':  new MediumButton({label:'BOLD', start:'<b>', end:'</b>'}),
        'h2': new MediumButton({label:'h2', start:'<h2>', end:'</h2>'}),

       // expanded
       'warning': new MediumButton({
          label: '<i class="fa fa-exclamation-triangle"></i>',
          start: '<div class="warning">',
          end:   '</div>'

    // with JavaScript
       'pop': new MediumButton({
          action: function(html, mark, parent){
                    alert('hello :)')
                    return html


Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is possible but not that easy(for now). You need to add an other Script like Prism or highlight.js. Here is an example for JavaScript with highlight.js.

'JS': new MediumButton({
  label: '<i>JavaScript</i>',
  start: '<pre><code>',
  end: '</code></pre>',
  action: function(html, mark, parent){
            if(mark) return '<!--'+html+'-->' + hljs.highlight('javascript', html.substring(3, html.length - 4).replace(/<\/p><p>/g, "\n").replace(/</g, "<").replace(/>/g, ">")).value;
            return html.split('-->')[0].split('<!--').join('');
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