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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this Jun 16, 2019 · 1 commit to develop since this release

Release Date: 2019-06-16 Project Board Milestone


Nord Docs Transition#76#77 (⊶ 4456d69)
↠ Transferred all documentations, assets and from „Nord Emacs“ to Nord Docs
Please see the corresponding issue in the Nord Docs repository to get an overview of what has changed for Nord Emacs and what has been done to migrate to Nord Docs.

Landing Page

Docs - Landing Page

Docs - Installation & Activation Guide

Docs - Configurations

Uniform Mode Lines Customization#32, #47#48 (⊶ 6b80171) requested by @localredhead
↠ Added the new theme configuration variable nord-uniform-mode-lines to use nord3 as background color highlighting for both active and inactive mode lines.
By default, only the mode line of the active buffer uses nord3 as background color while inactive buffers are dimmed using nord1.

(setq nord-uniform-mode-lines t)

Default mode lines

Uniform mode lines

Custom Region Highlight Styles#45, #32#46 (⊶ b43a249)
↠ By default, Nord Emacs uses nord2 as background color for selected text in the editor to provide a sane default style.
To use a more colorful highlighting for region selections, Nord Emacs now provides the nord-region-highlight configuration that can be set to either snowstorm or frost to use nord4 or nord8 colors from Nord's Frost and Snow Storm palettes.

;; Use `nord8` from Nord's "Frost" palette as background color.
(setq nord-region-highlight "frost")

;; Use `nord4` from Nord's "Snow Storm" palette as background color.
(setq nord-region-highlight "snowstorm")

Selection in the editor with enabled frost region highlight style configuration

Selection in the editor with enabled snowstorm region highlight style configuration

Custom Color Contrast#43#44 (⊶ 3e6bfda)
↠ Please note that this configuration has been implemented and deprecated again in this release version through #73 that increased the default comment color (nord3) brightness by 10% from a lightness level of ~35% to ~45%
Please see #73 and #74 for more details and the migration guide.


Comment Color Brightness#73#74 (⊶ 9ed7b9c)
↠ Implemented the increase of the default comment color (nord3) brightness by 10% from a lightness level of ~35% to ~45%.

Please see arcticicestudio/nord#94 for all details about this design change decision!

NOTE: This change also deprecates the „Custom Comment Contrast“ configuration implemented in #44 that will be removed in Nord Emacs version 1.0.0!
The default comment color has been adjusted so the configuration is not required anymore for users to increase the brightness on their own.
To notify users about this change a deprecation warning will be shown when the nord-comment-brightness configuration variable has been set and initialized through the user's configuration.




License Header Keyword#41#42 (⊶ 24deba8)
↠ Added a license header keyword to help tools to automatically detect the license type as used by GitHub and Emacsmirror (licensee).

;; License: Apache-2.0

Bug Fixes

Non-Prefixed Names Leaked To Global Environment#66#67 (⊶ c4e0b55) by @slippycheeze
↠ Prefixed all top level variable definitions, like custom theme configuration variables, to avoid leaking them in a way that could conflict with other code. The convention of package-- is used to mirror the most current Emacs coding conventions.
Sadly this is necessary because Emacs Lisp has no namespaces, so every top level definition is visible to the entire universe including variables and functions.


Documentation Typo In Package Name#39 (⊶ eb7929e) by @gguimaraesbr
↠ Fixed a invalid package name in the installation instructions: nordnord-theme



MIT License Migration#57#58 (⊶ b5c1dc7)
↠ Migrated to the MIT license to adapt to the migration of the main Nord project. Detailed information can be found in the main task ticket.

„Nord Terminix“ References#49#50 (⊶ be32879)
↠ Updated all references to the Terminix project that has been renamed to Tilix.

The full changelog ist available here

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