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An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant GNOME Terminal color theme.

Designed for a fluent and clear workflow.
Based on the Nord color palette.

Font: Source Code Pro 12px.

Getting started


The installation script requires dconf and uuidgen (util-linux) to be available on your PATH to create a new profile and generate a random profile UUID.

Some distributions may require additional package(s):

  • dconf-tools - transitional package for dconf-cli and dconf-editor (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)
  • dconf-gsettings-backend to ensure GSettings compatibility (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)
  • dconf-cli to ensure full CLI support (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)
  • dconf-service to ensure D-Bus support for the GSettings backend (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)
  • uuid-runtime to provide runtime components for the Universally Unique ID library (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)

The packages should be available for all distributions using the GNOME Terminal by default.


  1. Clone this repository

    git clone
    cd nord-gnome-terminal/src
  2. Run the shell script to start the automated installation.

A list of available options can be shown with -h, --help.

./ --help

Usage: [OPTIONS]

  • -h, --help - Shows the help
  • -l, --loglevel <LOG_LEVEL>, --loglevel=<LOG_LEVEL> - Set the log level
    • 0 ERROR
    • 1 WARNING
    • 2 SUCCESS (default)
    • 3 INFO
    • 4 DEBUG
  • -p, --profile <PROFILE_NAME>, --profile=<PROFILE_NAME> - The name of the profile to install the theme to. If not specified a new profile as clone of the default profile will be created.

Profile Handling

The script detects available profiles and

  • clones the default profile if no specific profile has been specified - this ensures that no custom profile colors are overriden
  • allows to install the theme for a specific profile - the name of the profile the theme should be installed to can be passed using the -p/--profile option
  • handles already existing Nord profiles via version comparison - if the Nord profile already exists and the script version is less than the installed version a confirmation is shown whether to override the theme of abort the installation, otherwise the profile will be
    • updated if the script version is greater than the installed version
    • reinstalled if the installed version is equal to the script version

Log Level

The script provides a -l/--loglevel option to allow to define the log level. Available levels are

  • 0 ERROR - The script will run in silent mode, only error messages are shown
  • 1 WARNING - Shows warning messages
  • 2 SUCCESS (default) - Shows success messages
  • 3 INFO - Shows additional information messages
  • 4 DEBUG - Runs the script in debug mode showing additional debug messages


Set as default profile

  1. Open the Preferences
  2. Switch to the Profiles tab
  3. Select Nord from the drop-down menu labeled with Profile used when launching a new terminal

Lazy profile change

  1. Right-click anywhere inside the terminal window to open the context menu
  2. Hover over Profiles and select Nord





Please report issues/bugs, feature requests and suggestions for improvements to the issue tracker.

Copyright © 2016-present Arctic Ice Studio