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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this Apr 23, 2019 · 3 commits to develop since this release

Release Date: 2019-04-23 Project Board Milestone


IDE 2019.1 Plugin and UI Theme Transition#43#45 (⊶ 18f9989)
↠ As of IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 it is finally possible to theme the IDE UI! Therefore this theme is now a full IntelliJ Platform SDK plugin using JetBrain's DevKit and providing both a IDE UI and editor theme.


The theme was migrated by following the official workflow documentation to

  1. Customize the UI icons and Controls
  2. Bundle the already existing editor color theme
  3. Build, debug and test the theme plugin
  4. Deploy and publish the theme plugin

The IntelliJ SDK provides a lot of tools to develop plugins by enabling the internal mode that will allow to show e.g. the LaF Defaults.
The plugin is represented by a plugin icon that is also available as of the the IntelliJ Platform version 2019.1.
The Nord JetBrains plugin also tries to follow the IntelliJ Platform UI Guidelines.

Minimum IntelliJ Platform SDK Version Requirement

Since Nord JetBrains is now a plugin instead of only a editor theme file (.icls), that can also be imported manually, the minimum version of IntelliJ has been raised to 2019.1.

Documentation Changes

The install instructions have been updated to match the installation method through the [official Plugin Repository][jb-plug-repo-nord].

No More Custom Compilation Scripts

Since the plugin is now provided through the [official Plugin Repository][jb-plug-repo-nord] it is not necessary anymore to compile the plugin manually.
The IntelliJ Platform SDK allows to run and debug and plugin from within the IDE and can be deployed/compiled using the builtin functions.

Unused UI Elements

There are some UI elements that are currently not used due to the fact that there was no way to figure out where and how they are used. It requires feedback from the community to find these elements that are not styled or covered by the global * wildcard styles, allowing to add these UI elements from time to time.


Project renaming to "Nord JetBrains"#44#45 (⊶ 18f9989)
↠ In GH-31 the project was renamed from nord-intellij-idea-syntax to nord-jetbrains-editor where the editor post-fix word was used to keep the namespace open for the possibility that JetBrains introduces a official UI theme API someday.
This is now finally the case so the project has been renamed to nord-jetbrains to clarify the theme is a full JetBrain Platform SDK plugin that provides both a UI and editor theme and is also compatible with all currently available IDEs.

The full changelog ist available here.

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