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Changelog for Nord Slack — An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Slack theme.

Release Date: 2019-08-06 Project Board Milestone


Nord Docs Transition#5#6 (⊶ 6705095)
↠ Transferred all documentations, assets and from „Nord Slack“ to Nord Docs
Please see the [corresponding issue in the Nord Docs repository][nord-docs#175] to get an overview of what has changed for Nord Slack and what has been done to migrate to Nord Docs.

Landing Page

Preview: Nord Slack Port Project Landing Page

Landing Page Docs

Preview: Nord Slack Docs Project Landing Page

Installation & Activation Docs

Preview: Nord Slack Docs Installation & Activation Docs Page

Color values in multiple data formats#6 (⊶ b5a8155)
↠ Previously the color values were only provided through the documentation in the file that can not be simply parsed programmatically for automated usage in other projects. This has been changed by adding the following data file formats that can be parsed:

  • JSON - The file provides an object that contains an colors collection/array that stores the individual colors as HEX values. They can be read and concatenated with a comma (,) to match Slack's shareable theme format.
  • YAML - Like the JSON format, the YAML file also provides the colors collection/array containing the color HEX values.
  • Plain Text - The colors are also provided as plain text through a .txt file.



Migration to MIT license#3#4 (⊶ 23552e9)
↠ Adapted to the MIT license migration of Nord. Details can be found in the main task ticket arcticicestudio/nord#55.

The full changelog ist available here