An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Vim theme.
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An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Vim color theme.

Designed for a fluent and clear workflow.
Based on the Nord color palette.

Nord Vim is a 16 colorspace theme build to run in GUI- and terminal mode with support for many third-party plugins and styles for lightline.vim and vim-airline.

Font: Source Code Pro 20px

Getting started


NOTE: Nord Vim in terminal mode MUST be used with the associated terminal emulator theme in order to work properly!
Make sure to install one of the currently supported terminal themes listed below BEFORE installing Nord Vim.

Nord GNOME Terminal
Nord Guake
Nord Hyper
Nord iTerm2
Nord Konsole
Nord Mintty
Nord PuTTY
Nord Terminator
Nord Tilix
Nord Termite
Nord XFCE Terminal
Nord Xresources

Via plugin/runtimepath manager

Add Nord Vim to your .vimrc for your favorite manager.

  • vim-plug (recommended):

    Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim'

    and run :PlugInstall.

  • pathogen:

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://
  • Vundle:

    Plugin 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim'

    and run :PluginInstall.

To install the latest development version vim-plug support to specifiy the develop branch:

Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'branch': 'develop' }

A explicit version can be installed via Git tags:

Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'tag': 'v0.9.0' }


Download the latest version or clone the repository and copy the nord.vim theme file to your ~/.vim/colors directory.


Use Nord Vim as your default color theme by adding it to your .vimrc

colorscheme nord

or change it on-the-fly by running :colorscheme nord.

vim-plug also provides options to enable it on-demand for specific languages:

" Activate Nord Vim when editing Java files
Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'for': 'java' }

or on specific events:

" Activate Nord Vim when toggling the NERDTree
Plug 'arcticicestudio/nord-vim', { 'on':  'NERDTreeToggle' }


All options should be set before the activation command!

Italic Support

This option should only be enabled if your terminal emulator supports italics!

Can be enabled to support italic text.

Most terminals don't handle italics right so Nord disables italics for terminals by default while in GUI mode this option is enabled by default.

Set g:nord_italic to 1 to enforce displaying italics.

let g:nord_italic = 1

Italic formatting in Markdown

Underline Support

This option should only be enabled if your terminal emulator supports underlines!

Can be enabled to support underlined text.

Most terminals are not capable to handle underlines right so Nord disables these for terminals by default while it should work out-of-the-box™ in GUI mode.

Set g:nord_underline to 1 to enforce displaying underlines.

let g:nord_underline = 1

Underlined Text

Italic Comments

This option only takes effect if the option for italic text support has been enabled!

Enable to italicize all comments.

To adhere to the Nord style guide this option is disabled by default. It can be enabled by setting the g:nord_italic_comments variable to 1.

let g:nord_italic_comments = 1

Uniform Status Lines

Enables uniform activate- and inactive status lines using nord3 as background.

By default, Nord Vim uses a slightly brighter background for the current split buffer. This is designed to draw attention to the currently active buffer without being distracting.

If the user desires the backgrounds to be a uniform color, g:nord_uniform_status_lines can be set to 1:

let g:nord_uniform_status_lines = 1

Default status lines

Uniform status lines

Comment Contrast

This option should only be enabled if your terminal supports 24bit true color (16 million colors) and requires the termguicolors option to be set is in ~/.vimrc or via :set termguicolors!

The comment brightness can be increased by 1 - 20 percent. It can be enabled by setting the g:nord_comment_brightness variable to a number between 1 and 20.

let g:nord_comment_brightness = 12

Default and 15% increased

Default and 12% increased

To adhere to the Nord style guide this option uses nord3 by default.

This is a reference table if users like to use the same increased contrast values as provided by the Nord Atom Syntax accessibility custom comment contrast theme setting which are calculated using the LESSCSS lighten function.

Increased by Calculated value
1% #4e586d
2% #505b70
3% #525d73
4% #556076
5% #576279
6% #59647c
7% #5b677f
8% #5d6982
9% #5f6c85
10% #616e88
11% #63718b
12% #66738e
13% #687591
14% #6a7894
15% #6d7a96
16% #6f7d98
17% #72809a
18% #75829c
19% #78859e
20% #7b88a1

More information about true color and the support in various terminals can be found in this gist.

Default and 15% increased

Default and 12% increased

Uniform diff Background

By default, Nord Vim provides colorful backgrounds when used in diff mode vimdiff/vim -d.

This can be changed to nord1 as uniform diff background color by setting the g:nord_uniform_diff_background variable to 1.

let g:nord_uniform_diff_background = 1

Colorful backgrounds (default)

Uniform diff background

Line number background

Enables background for the line number of the current line.

let g:nord_cursor_line_number_background = 1

No background (default)

Enabled background

Plugin Support

Nord Vim provides support for many third-party language- and UI plugins.

UI Plugins

With custom separators and components using lightline's advanced configurations

lightline with default format and components




Language Plugins



Detailed descriptions for supported plugins can be found in the project wiki.


Nord Vim contains optimized styles to achieve a consistent and uniform coloring across languages.
Detailed descriptions for supported languages can be found in the project wiki and in the Plugin Support section.



Please report issues/bugs, feature requests and suggestions for improvements to the issue tracker.

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