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Changelog for Nord Visual Studio Code — An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Visual Studio Code theme.

Release Date: 2019-12-23 Project Board Milestone



Inline code block background for hover/completion popups#155#158 (⊶ 7be0eaf) by @octref
↠ Added the textCodeBlock.background workbench theme key that is used by VS Code features like the IntelliSense quick info to style the background color of code blocks in the documentation text. By default this used a very dark color which has been changed to nord3 instead.


Quick Info

Text color related workbench theme keys#154#159 (⊶ 7be0eaf) by @mserajnik
↠ Added some workbench color keys for text related elements that were not supported by Nord yet.
The commit in the VS Code repository (microsoft/vscode@752acd50) added multiple new theme keys through microsoft/vscode#26298 that was merged over 2 years ago and released for the first time in stable version 1.13.0 but were never mentioned in the release notes.

The following theme keys have now been added:

  • textBlockQuote.background — Background color for block quotes in text.
  • textBlockQuote.border — Right-side border color for block quotes in text.
  • textLink.activeForeground — Foreground color for links in text when clicked on and on mouse hover.
  • textLink.foreground — Foreground color for links in text.
  • textPreformat.foreground — Foreground color for preformatted text segments like inline code.
  • textSeparator.foreground — Color for text separators.

Interactive Playground before/after

Interface Overview before/after

Welcome Screen before/after

descriptionForeground workbench theme key#160#161 (⊶ fe870f4)
↠ Added the descriptionForeground workbench theme key that was introduced almost 2 years ago in microsoft/vscode@f450e0b1fe3 for microsoft/vscode#26298, but not mentioned in a changelog so there was no support for it in Nord.
It now uses nord4 with a opacity of 90% as color value (#d8dee9e6).


Syntax highlighting for Elixir module names and atoms#165#166 (⊶ 810a894) by @feliperenan
↠ Added improved syntax highlighting for Elixir atoms and module names using scopes provided by the JakeBecker.elixir-ls extension since they are not supported by VSCode out-of-the-box.



The full changelog ist available here