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Changelog for Nord Xcode — An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Xcode theme.

Release Date: 2019-12-19 Project Board Milestone


Nord Docs Transition#9#10 (⊶ 278fa4b)
↠ Transferred all documentations, assets and from „Nord Xcode“ to Nord Docs.
Please see the corresponding issue in the Nord Docs repository to get an overview of what has changed for Nord Xcode and what has been done to migrate to Nord Docs.

Landing Page

Preview: Nord Xcode Port Project Landing Page

Docs Page

Preview: Nord Xcode Docs Page

Installation & Activation Guide

Preview: Nord Xcode Installation & Activation Guide Page

Asset Catalog Guide

Preview: Nord Xcode Asset Catalog Guide Page

Xcode 9 Asset Catalog Color Set#2#3 (⊶ 4f3bd24) by @ornithocoder
↠ Added a color set for the asset catalog that were introduced in Xcode 9. It can be used in the Interface Builder and programmatically via UIColor(named:).
See Nord's official documentation to learn how to use the color set.

Asset Catalog Color Set

Preview: Nord Xcode Asset Catalog Color Set

Xcode Interface Builder with Nord

Preview: Nord Xcode Interface Builder with Nord



Comment Color Brightness#6#7 (⊶ 29bfdcd)
↠ Implemented the frequently requested and long-time outstanding increase of the comment color (nord3) brightness by 10% from a lightness level of ~35% to ~45%.

Please see arcticicestudio/nord#94 for all details about this design change decision!


Nord Xcode syntax before increased comment color brightness change


Nord Xcode syntax after increased comment color brightness change



MIT License Migration#4#5 (⊶ fb58b5d)
↠ Migrated to the MIT license to adapt to the migration of the main Nord project. Detailed information can be found in the main task ticket.

The full changelog ist available here