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An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Xfce Terminal color theme.
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An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant XFCE Terminal color theme.

Designed for a fluent and clear workflow.
Based on the Nord color palette.

Font: Source Code Pro 12px.

Getting started



Copy the nord.theme file to the local configuration directory ~/.local/share/xfce4/terminal/colorschemes.

Install Script

The included shell script can be used for an automated installation.
If no option is specified, the default theme file is src/nord.theme.

A list of available options can be shown with the --help option.

./ --help

Syntax: [OPTIONS]

Option Description
-h, --help Shows the help
-v, --verbose Verbose output
-t <SCHEME_FILE>, --themefile <THEME_FILE> Use the specified theme file


  1. Open the Edit menu and select Preferences
  2. Switch to the Colors tab
  3. Select Nord from the Presets drop-down menu





Please report issues/bugs, feature requests and suggestions for improvements to the issue tracker.

Copyright © 2016-present Arctic Ice Studio

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