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Project Tracking System


The Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Arctic LCC) is a self-directed conservation partnership among the federal, state, and local government agencies, Tribes, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions and other entities operating within Arctic Alaska and northern Canada. The Arctic LCC is currently funding and or managing projects in many disciplines, including landscape change modeling, improving understanding of hydrologic and coastal processes, and improving access to geospatial data. Currently the Arctic LCC does not have a comprehensive, centralized, standardized system to electronically manage the metadata, data, and files associated with projects. In addition to project management, the LCC would benefit from a system that eased the process of internal and external data sharing and discovery.


Develop a Project Tracking System (PTS) to meet these data management needs. The PTS will be designed to meet both the short and long term needs of the LCC by addressing core data management needs:

  • Manage Project Metadata
  • Contact Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Manage Proposals and Agreements
  • Manage Deliverables
  • Track Funding and Invoices
  • Spatial Data Manager
  • Data Sharing

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