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FRC Team Arctos 6135

Offical GitHub organization of FRC Team Arctos 6135

Pinned repositories

  1. Code repository of FRC Team Arctos 6135 in Destination: Deep Space *Presented by the Boeing Company*. Go Otso!


  2. Team Arctos 6315's 2019 Jetson TX1 code.

    C++ 1 1

  3. Robot motion profiler/path planner for use in FRC Java programming

    Java 6

  4. This is the app used for scouting. It's written in react native using expo.

    JavaScript 1 1

  5. 8051 controlled WS2812B interfaced with UART

    C 1 2

  6. Forked from wpilibsuite/SmartDashboard

    Originally forked for bug fixes, now for Arctosification!


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