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coffeescript/ch6 : "package" is a reserved keyword. #48

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There's a minor typo in the Applications chapter of The Little Book on Coffeescript. In the part where we boot stitch up, a variable in the code is named package which seems to be a reserved keyword.

CoffeeScript version 1.3.3 throws up an error on the lines of:

SyntaxError: In repl, reserved word "package" on line 6

Here's the code in question:

package = stitch.createPackage(
  # Specify the paths you want Stitch to automatically bundle up
  paths: [ __dirname + "/app" ]

  # Specify your base libraries
  dependencies: [
    # __dirname + '/lib/jquery.js'

P.s. Hats off for the great work! :)

@creatorrr creatorrr closed this

Closing with submitted patch.

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