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Arcus Scripting

Build Status PowerShell Gallery Version

Scripting with Microsoft Azure in a breeze.



Easy to install it via PowerShell gallery:

Azure Web

  • Azure API Management (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.ApiManagement
  • Azure App Service (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.AppService

Azure DevOps

PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.ARM
  • Azure DevOps (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.DevOps
  • Azure Management (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Management

Azure security

  • Azure security (docs)
PS> Import-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Security
  • Azure Key Vault (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.KeyVault

Azure integration

  • Azure Logic Apps (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.LogicApps
  • Azure Integration Account (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.IntegrationAccount
  • Azure Data Factory (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.DataFactory

Azure storage

  • Azure storage (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.All
  • Azure Blob storage (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.Blob
  • Azure FileShare storage (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.FileShare
  • Azure Table storage (docs)
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.Storage.Table
PS> Install-Module -Name Arcus.Scripting.SQL

For a more thorough overview, we recommend reading our documentation.


All documentation can be found on here.


Are you an Arcus user? Let us know and get listed!


We encourage you to contribute to Arcus Scripting! Please check out our contributing guide for guidelines about how to proceed. Join us!

License Information

This is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Which means that you can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the web application. But you always need to state that Codit is the original author of this web application.

Read the full license here.