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Quick Start

TodX is a great Todo app. But you need to first learn a tool to use it. Learn it below.

For installation, refer to the :ref:`installation` for install instructions.

Basic Commands

These commands are used in the app to do the root or basic actions like open, append etc. These are entered in the *> prompt.


Command : new or n

Create a new list by entering title and tags(optional).


Command : open or o

Open a list from previously created lists. The list that is opened with this command is said as opened.


Commands marked * work only when a list is open.


Command : stats or stat

View wether a list is opened or not.

:ref:`view` *

Command : view or v

View the Todos of currently opened list.

:ref:`append` *

Command : append or a

Append a new Todo in the currently opened list.

:ref:`mark` *

Command : mark or m

Mark a Todo as done using charcters like * or #.


Command : search or srch

Search the data for a search term.


Command : export or exp

Export the data to a readable text file.


Command : quit or q

Close the app. It also saves the notes to the data file.


These are the prompts used in the app

Prompt Usual Meaning Answer Format
*> Basic commands commands like open
+> Entry or Input for Content Sentence or one word
#> Usually index of Lists etc Numbers 0, 2 etc
?> Question Input yes or no
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