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Rock-Paper-Scissors with Allegro Hand and Kinect
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Allegro Hand / Kinect Rock Paper Scissors

This project works only for PEAK System CAN interface (chardev) for USB: PCAN-USB and has only been tested on Kinect v1 through Processing v2.2.1 running on Ubuntu 14.04.


Git Repo


  1. PCAN-USB driver from
  2. PCAN-Basic API from
  3. Grasping Library from
  4. Processing from (at this moment only v2.2.1 supports the SimpleOpenNI library)
  5. SimpleOpenNI from
  6. FingerTracker from


  1. Install all the dependencies mentioned above.
  2. Copy-paste the 'RockPaperScissorsRecognition' code on Processing and run it.
  3. Create a file and include the correct motor offset values of your Allegro Hand model then put it into same directory as main executable and pass its name as argument.
  4. Build and run the grasp project 'out-of-source'.
  5. Copy-paste the 'RockPaperScissorsRecognition' code on Processing and run it.
  6. Play!

The Allegro Hand project was developed by Dr. Kyong-Sok "K.C." Chang; this repository is a fork of the original that can be found over at here

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