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A simple script that uses mysqlbinlog to backup and compress mysql binlog files
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This is a simple bash script that encapsulates mysqlbinlog utility to backup and compress binlog files. See the blog post .


  • Live backup of binlogs (handled by mysqlbinlog already)
  • Compression of backup files
  • Rotation of backup files


Clone the repository and run:

chmod +x
./ --help

This will output:

Usage: [options]
    Starts live binlog sync using mysqlbinlog utility

  --backup-dir=        Backup destination directory (required)
  --log-dir=           Log directory (defaults to '/var/log/syncbinlog')
  --prefix=            Backup file prefix (defaults to 'backup-')
  --mysql-conf=        Mysql defaults file for client auth (defaults to './.my.cnf')
  --compress           Compress backuped binlog files
  --compress-app=      Compression app (defaults to 'pigz -p{number-of-cores - 1}'). Compression parameters can be given as well (e.g. pigz -p6 for 6 threaded compression)
  --rotate=X           Rotate backup files for X days (defaults to 30)
  --verbose=           Write logs to stdout as well

Example: Backup binlog files of last 10 days and compress them

./ --backup-dir=/mnt/backup --prefix="mybackup-" --compress --rotate=10


  • In a production database server, it should be controlled by a process manager such as systemd or supervisord to have more reliable start/restart behaviour.
  • mysqlbinlog utility copies the binlog files in real-time, however compression is only applied for files older than the one being written at the time. This happens when:
    • Mysql flushes the log files after a certain time or certain file size. (See expire_logs_days and max_binlog_size)
    • FLUSH LOGS is executed manually or by mysqldump etc.
  • mysqlbinlog utility requires the user to have REPLICATION SLAVE privilege


Some useful resources about binlog backup and point-in-time-recovery:



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