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Simple host application to provide send/receive feature for any kind of notifications and messages between client(s) and the host. The application is based on ASP.NET Core and SignalR to demostrate some features of these things...
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This is a simple application kick-off to provide communication features for any kind of application. It is a demostration app., so it has very simple implementation. This is the host application which is an ASP.NET Core(v2.1) application.

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Some features;

  1. The main behaviour is done with ASP.NET Core v2.1 and SignalR
  2. Messages between a client and a host is stored in DB
  3. EF Core 2.1 is used for data operations
  4. Not all messages are shared with everyone, host per client can talk.
  5. Host can update her status
  6. For an example, a Wordpress page template is demonstrated, to show client applications can be any web based language.
  7. It's just for fun 😃 I will add new features soon.
  8. New concepts are going to be demostrated as Unit testing, DI, IoT related things, UWP app. and some ML related things.
  9. This app. can run on Azure and also on Linux
  10. Did I mention that it's just for fun 😃 😃
  11. Want to add some new interesting idea? Don't hesitate, you know what to do 😃

Happy coding... 😉

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