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My Elbereth theme and rc.lua for AwesomeWM.
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This is my Elbereth theme/rc.lua for AwesomeWM.

-Tolkien themed rc.lua
-Vi-like hjkl client switching
-Modal conky (switch between top and taskwarrior)
-Fast suspend/hibernate
-Keyboard and mouse-based volume control
-Will cause non-blind monsters to flee

Awesome window manager 3.4.11
Tengwar Formal CSUR font (
blingbling (my screenshots are with my fork, but it should work with the original)
You'll need to include your own super cool background image as lotr.png

Also uses:
conky, taskwarrior, mpd, etc...

Copy the "elbereth" theme directory to /usr/share/awesome/themes (or wherever you store your themes)
Copy rc.lua to ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua

Other Notes:
I use the +event tag in taskwarrior to mark events but it should be simple to hack this however you want.

Elbereth is liscensed under GPL v2.0 or later

Document controls. Right now you can find them in the rc.lua. This isn't really supported or maintained, but feel free to use it or draw inspiration for your own Awesome themes.

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