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United-front will automatically share the registers of any and/or all vim instances.

"Buffer separately, but yank together!"
-- Leon Robotsky

All vim instances that you want to share registers need to be started in server mode. GVim does this automatically, but terminal vim must be told to do this.

vim --servername whateveryouwant

If you alias the vim command to always use a server, everything will be automatic and you can spend more time editing with your awesome new shared registers.

alias vim="vim --servername robotsky"

If you only want some of your vim servers united, only source united-front for those vim servers.

##Installation From your shell, with pathogen:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Or from within vim, using vizardry:

:Invoke united-front


  • United-front will create a file $HOME/.unitedfront that is used to sync registers.
  • United-front will lower vim's updatetime. Updatetime is also used for vim's swap files, so this has the side effect of increasing how often your swap files are saved.

##License United-front is licensed under the AGPL v3