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forked from mordak/Term48

mordak's BB10 terminal emulator without Momentics

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Term48 is a terminal emulator for BlackBerry. It implements (relevant parts of) the ECMA-48 standard, but also includes some other control sequences to make it compliant with the xterm-256color terminfo specification. It is a work in progress, but is good enough to be used regularly by the author.

You can get Term48 from BB World.

The current version runs on BB10 devices, and requires version >= 10.3. An older version is available for the Playbook.

To compile Term48, you will need some additional libraries:

Prebuilt versions of these shared libraries are available in external/lib (see Makefile); to build from source you will need to check out the submodules (call git clone with the --recursive option) and build them with the Momentics IDE. Note that when compiling SDL, you must define -D__PLAYBOOK__ -DRAW_KEYBOARD_EVENTS.

You can build and deploy Term48 without using Momentics IDE:

  • Load the proper bbndk-env file
  • Copy your debug token to signing/ (or see section below on generating a debug token)
  • Populate the BBIP and BBPASS fields in signing/bbpass with your device's dev-mode IP address and device password
  • Update the <author> and <authorId> tags in bar-descriptor.xml to match the Package-Author and Package-Author-Id for your debug token: unzip -p signing/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF | grep 'Package-Author:\|Package-Author-Id:'
  • make
  • make deploy

You can set whatever PackageID and whatnot that you like in the bar-descriptor.xml file. If you want to be able to access shared files on the device, check the 'Files' box under Application/Permissions.

As this is a work in progress, pull requests or feature requests are welcome. Please report any bugs with an Issue.

Generating a Debug Token

  • Use this form to obtain your bbidtoken.csk file:
  • Copy bbidtoken.csk to signing/bbidtoken.csk
  • In signing/bbpass, fill in:
    • CNNAME: the Common Name for your signing cert (usually your name)
    • KEYSTOREPASS: CSK password you entered in step 1 signup
    • BBPIN: target device's PIN
    • BBPASS: target device's password
  • Run make in signing/Makefile to request and deploy the token to your device.

Important: any symbols need to be escaped according to bash / Makefile rules e.g. backslashes before symbols \! and double dollar signs \$$.

Debugging with GDB

To connect to the target device and enable debug tools such as GDB, the blackberry-connect tool must be started with the right arguments. For this, two terminals must have the correct bbndk-env environment loaded (or run the make connect command in the background).

Terminal 1: blackberry-connect

  • Start in the Term48 root directory.
  • cd signing
  • If the SSH key hasn't been generated yet, run make ssh-key.
  • make connect
  • Leave terminal running until done debugging.

Terminal 2: gdb

  • Start in the Term48 root directory.
  • make launch-debug
  • The package will be built, deployed to target device, and launched stopped. On host, ntoarm-gdb will start, connect to target device, and attach to the application process. To continue execution, run the GDB command continue. Further information on GDB can be found online.


mordak's BB10 terminal emulator without Momentics






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