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package handlers
import (
"" // Import is removed in final PR
// API constructs an http.Handler with all application routes defined.
func API(build string, shutdown chan os.Signal, log *log.Logger, db *sqlx.DB, authenticator *auth.Authenticator) http.Handler {
// Construct the web.App which holds all routes as well as common Middleware.
app := web.NewApp(shutdown, mid.Logger(log), mid.Errors(log), mid.Metrics(), mid.Panics(log))
// Register health check endpoint. This route is not authenticated.
check := Check{
build: build,
db: db,
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/health", check.Health)
// Register user management and authentication endpoints.
u := User{
db: db,
authenticator: authenticator,
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/users", u.List, mid.Authenticate(authenticator), mid.HasRole(auth.RoleAdmin))
app.Handle("POST", "/v1/users", u.Create, mid.Authenticate(authenticator), mid.HasRole(auth.RoleAdmin))
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/users/:id", u.Retrieve, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
app.Handle("PUT", "/v1/users/:id", u.Update, mid.Authenticate(authenticator), mid.HasRole(auth.RoleAdmin))
app.Handle("DELETE", "/v1/users/:id", u.Delete, mid.Authenticate(authenticator), mid.HasRole(auth.RoleAdmin))
// This route is not authenticated
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/users/token", u.Token)
// Register product and sale endpoints.
p := Product{
db: db,
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/products", p.List, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
app.Handle("POST", "/v1/products", p.Create, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
app.Handle("GET", "/v1/products/:id", p.Retrieve, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
app.Handle("PUT", "/v1/products/:id", p.Update, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
app.Handle("DELETE", "/v1/products/:id", p.Delete, mid.Authenticate(authenticator))
return app
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