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package mid
import (
// Logger writes some information about the request to the logs in the
// format: TraceID : (200) GET /foo -> IP ADDR (latency)
func Logger(log *log.Logger) web.Middleware {
// This is the actual middleware function to be executed.
f := func(before web.Handler) web.Handler {
// Create the handler that will be attached in the middleware chain.
h := func(ctx context.Context, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, params map[string]string) error {
ctx, span := trace.StartSpan(ctx, "internal.mid.Logger")
defer span.End()
// If the context is missing this value, request the service
// to be shutdown gracefully.
v, ok := ctx.Value(web.KeyValues).(*web.Values)
if !ok {
return web.NewShutdownError("web value missing from context")
err := before(ctx, w, r, params)
log.Printf("%s : (%d) : %s %s -> %s (%s)",
v.TraceID, v.StatusCode,
r.Method, r.URL.Path,
r.RemoteAddr, time.Since(v.Now),
// Return the error so it can be handled further up the chain.
return err
return h
return f
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