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For the correct displaying of the buttons in the MS Outlook, you have to remove the "!important" property in the CSS class: { text-decoration: none; }
The color of the «Drop here» icon changes accordingly to the background color of the content where the new element has been added;
The «shadow effect» has been added to the settings panel;
The control for managing the labels register in the «Timer» basic block has been added;
The control «Retina display support» in the «Timer» basic block has been added..
IN:034425. Editor. The alignment of the background image in the «Appearance» tab - does not work for the «General», «Header», «Footer» tabs;
IN:034466. Editor. An email is cut in MS Outlook when items for the desktop version are «hidden»;
IN:034461. Editor. All the functionality of the «Menu» basic block is not displayed when editing the block through the code editor.
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